Why to choose online puja?

A Puja is a worship of Divine through performing of various rituals. The term Puja in itself has in store the essence of what performing Puja means, as ‘pu’ means to purify and ‘ja’ means birth. So combined together it means that every time a puja is performed by an individual it cleanses and purifies the person on a soul level and energetically, like a new birth every time. Puja is a process of the devotee to connect with the Divine, to offer reverence, to honour God. Performing a puja is generally done by the devotee through a symbolical element which can be an image, idols, an element of nature, a vessel (like the Mangal kalash), a printout and similar things.

In India, the Hindus perform Puja on a regular basis at home. The ancient Hindu texts is like a  library which describe many processes or Vedic Rituals to perform pujas of various kinds for various Gods, Goddesses, Planets, specific intension to be fulfilled, in special occasions  etc. Performing a daily small ritualistic puja/pooja is common at every Hindu home, where elements of fire, water, incense (air) is used. Chanting of certain Vedic mantras, songs of devotion and prayers of the devotee is part of any puja performance. With what thoughts, and in what kind of an environment the devotee performs the puja holds importance. A puja can also be described as a focused meditation where the worshipper and the worshipped become one for realization of the truth about self.

Pujas are performed at home by the housekeepers/inmates of the house, sometimes pujaris/pandits are called at home to perform special pujas/Homas. Performing Arti at the puja alter is also a practice which is done where all the members of the family participate. Puja at the temple is performed by the appointed pandit/priest at that particular temple on behalf of the devotee by chanting mantra and putting forward the offerings of the devotee to the Divine God at the temple and give back ‘prasad’ to the devotee after performing the puja.

Benefits of Puja

The benefits of performing Puja are many folds, and for different people, the experience and benefits are different. Some benefits are:-

1)Performing Puja gives mental peace, calms down the mind ofthe devotee

2)  The Divine loved everyone unconditionally however we human beings gain satisfaction and assurance that the prayers or intension has been put forward to the Divine and that we are protected. So performing Puja gives the satisfaction.

3) Mantras (mostly chanted during a puja performance have high vibrations and cleanses the atmosphere and the individual’s energy

4) Performing puja can remove obstacles from the life path

5) Special pujas dedicated to specific God or Goddess help in garnering the blessings of the deity.

6) Pujas done for appeasing planets in case of malefic effect of any of the planets, gives relief to the individual who is going through the tough situation.

7) Pujas aimed at doing well in business, job, to increase financial flow etc. are also done and gives beneficial outcome by clearing blockages.

Sometimes a particular mantra jaap(chanting), fasting, charity, particular prayers, meditation, Maun vrat (not to speak at all for a certain period of time) are suggested to the client to enhance the benefits of performing some special puja.

Online Puja Services:-

With the advent of the digital world, where everyone is connected to the other via the internet, where most people are extremely busy, shopping online is a convenient and preferred option. Following this trend, today there are online puja services which are available at the click of a button and get the puja performed without having to travel anywhere. Everything starting from Puja damage to all other arrangements are made by the company with who the online puja service has been booked.

Online puja services are offered for almost all kind of pujas, be it Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran puja, Shani puja, Puja on the Birthday of an individual, RudraAbhishek puja, Puja on special occasions like Akshaya Tritiya, for good health and many other pujas are available to choose from.

The online puja services are conducted by qualified and suitable Pandits and Pujaris who are well versed in Vedic puja rituals, which is a very important factor.

The puja service maybe carried out in a temple of the deity, or a place which is connected with the puja and where it is usually done. Sometimes an in-house sanctified sacred temple is there in the premises of the company performing the online puja service.

Online Puja Services are easy and convenient way of getting certain pujas done without having to arrange and organize for the puja and without having to be physically present there. For people staying outside India, it is a boon as they can get any puja done without coming to India.

Usual Process of the Online Puja Services and what to expect from the service:-

Online Puja Services are offered by many and once the decision to book an online puja service is made, one can choose from the various sites which offer the same. Care should be taken in choosing.

The individual should be clear of what puja he/she wants to get done. If consulting an expert like an astrologer is required for that then the individual should first consult before making the final decision.

The site has options of various pujas and mostly writes details of the rituals like what mantras will be chanted and how many times, how many pandits/pujaris are going to be involved in the process of the puja, what deities are going to be worshipped and other suc details. Some sites give more details than others to maintain transparency.

Book the online puja service as per desire. The puja service will be scheduled and conveyed to the individual and performed at the given date and time.

Details of the person for which the puja is being done and the intension or Sankalp for the puja will need to be given.

Most online puja services have facility of live steaming of the puja process, which the client can be a part of from his/her residence, if the individual so desires. For Example, if the puja is being performed in Trimbakeshwar, then the live streaming facility will be organized from there itself.

Post the puja, the individual is couriered the ‘Prasad’ like Bhasma/Udi, flowers which had been offered, mauli (sacred Red thread) etc. Most often a DVD recording of the online puja service is also given as a proof of the puja performed.

Effectiveness of the online puja service:-

The online puja service are effective in removing the immediate obstacles, even though the person for whom the puja is being done is not present physically there. The energies of intension and prayers transcends beyond the factor of distance between the individual and the place where the puja is being performed. It is just a matter of faith and pure intension. So the positive effect is felt post the puja and then in a more deliberate gradual manner.

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