Among the social platforms that best lend themselves to hosting activities with influencers on the web, Instagram undoubtedly plays a leading role: often it is precisely on this social that Influencers have the most numerous and active fan bases. Let’s find out together how to make the most of the visibility of influencers and bloggers on this social network channel for our Influencer Marketing Hub. First of all, it is necessary to understand in detail the dynamics and what tools can be used to organize a winning promotional campaign on the social network of photos and live videos.

Let’s start with the first: influencer marketing operations aim to present an innovative product or service to a specific category of users, thanks to the collaboration with a well-known face of the web, recognized by them as influential and familiar. So it happens that a blogger who deals with cosmetics becomes the new face of an international company of lipsticks and facials or that an expert influencer of fashion can become the ideal wearer for a collection of casual chic clothing.

Increasing Followers is the key step of Instagram Influencer Marketing

The first step that can catch the eye of those looking for a stable base for their business on Instagram: how to increase followers? Before answering this question it is right to face a previous step: do you really need all the followers without having in mind the way forward on your account? I don’t think so.

Increasing followers blindly, without an editorial line and a goal, means accumulating. But this is not the point. The essential step is to carefully evaluate the target, search for people to follow, involve these people directly (with specific conversations) and indirectly. That is to say by creating specific content. So capable of attracting just that type of user, obviously to get this result you have to work with a well structured editorial calendar, designed to reach people with specific interests. Even the posts must be designed to be reached: a good use of hashtags, for example, can help your posts to be found.

What has changed on Instagram: the fundamental role of interactions?

Let’s move on to the tools: the interactions. Just a year ago, Instagram updated its algorithm, in order to show first not the recently published images, but those that get the most appreciation from users.

Comments, likes and shares are thus the best way to make yourself visible. Here, influencer marketing acquires an increasingly important role: not only for the launch and success of start-ups or new services or products, but also for historical brands that want to emerge and find new methods of communication with customers. Influencers’ endorsement can become decisive on Instagram (and not only): thanks to their popularity, they can help companies build brand awareness and positively influence the fate of the brand.

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