Why Desert Air Coolers Better Option than Air Conditioners for Hot and Dry Places

Air conditioners are an excellent cooling solution for all weather conditions, and it is a fact that is known to many people. Also, many people have an idea that even the best window AC under 25000 can increase the power bills significantly. 

But many people go for it thinking it as the best bet to keep cool during hot and dry summer days. 

We also agree to the extent that summer temperatures have been on the rise in India over the years. However, we also know that it is not that life was tough when there were no ACs. 

For a long time in India, especially people living in hot and dry conditions, used to depend on desert air coolers. 

Using desert air coolers not only cooled the space but even kept the power bills lower and under control. Compared to an AC, a desert air cooler consumed only one fourth of the power bills. 

Thus, if you live in a hot and dry area and are concerned about using ACs and paying bigger light bills, then you can switch from an AC to a desert air cooler. Do you want to know the reasons behind it? Go through this post!


  • Capital costs and operating costs 


Air coolers are comparatively inexpensive than an AC. Even if you go for the best window AC under 25000, then you will need to invest at least Rs.25,000 to buy a 1 ton AC. On the other hand, buying an air cooler for your own use begins at around Rs.5,000 and may go up to Rs.10,000 for desert air coolers. If you compare the operating costs of both these devices, then can save up to 80-85% on power bills on an air cooler when compared to an AC. 


  • Air quality 


The working mechanism of an air cooler is to cool the inside air of a room. They use the internal room air and cool it down as per the set temperature. They also work wonders by removing moisture from the air and making it dry. Thus, if you have the same air being circulated in the room, then you don’t have any scope to get fresh air from outside. On the other hand, an air cooler pulls outside air, cooled and then thrown in the room. The fresh air that is being taken from outside is passed via the water-soaked pad. There is no control on setting the temperature up and down, but the air that you get is always fresh. 


  • Threats to the environment 


Air conditioners use coolants that are not healthy for the environment, especially the Ozone layer. Air coolers are green as their only coolant is water that poses no threats to the environment and the Ozone layer. Thus, you can use a desert air cooler and others without guilt at all. 


  • Installation


One of the commonest places where people can install a desert air cooler is on one of the windows of their rooms. But if you don’t have any windows in your room, then you can set up a desert air cooler on the terrace using a vent/pipe to deliver air to all rooms. What’s more, such a setup will also remove the nuisance of too much noise in your room due to the cooler’s working style. 

If you live in an area that faces hot and dry weather conditions, then going for a desert air cooler is the best option. It not only provides you best cooling with reduced electricity bills but even lets you avoid respiratory diseases by breathing in the fresh air. You can start comparing the best models available in an electronics store across brands to bring home the best option.

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