Which laptop I should buy: Dell, HP or Lenovo laptops?

Buying a laptop from a well-known brand is common, but when it comes to the real implementation of the performance of laptops there are some brands to be kept in mind. HP, Dell and Lenovo have been known for their reliable devices and durable quality. When it comes to selecting the best one out of these three, there might be a greater sense of mix-up. All these three brands have made their mark in their own ways, where HP is knows to provide an authorized deal to you, Dell comes right way in holding on to variety of sufficient processors, while the Lenovo is an innovative brand with Mediatek and couple of other productive laptop series.  More Info- Touchscreen business laptops.

We are quite familiar with each of these companies, however choosing the best laptop for your next option might be an overwhelming task. HP, Dell and Lenovo have raised their bar high in quality standards as well as the excellent performance benchmark scores. If you are still in a confusion on which one can be your perfect choice, some basic facts should be considered before you buy the right laptop. 

Our emphasize today is about differentiating some key points on what makes a visible choice among Dell laptops, HP laptops or Lenovo Laptops 

The Origin of Brands 


Dell was formed in US by Michael Dell based in Texas around 1984 and is considered now among the largest tech company in the world. One can count on its reliability without a second thought, because Dell has kept its standard consistent throughout. In 2013, this company was made private and also privileges more than 100,000 employees for its firm. 

Dell is known to produce laptops, Desktop PCs, computer devices and other hardware components as per demand. It also offers direct sales approach and build-to-order manufacturing. 


Hewlett Packard founded HP by his name capitals in America, across California in 1939. HP has made its way through the top tech companies in the history with its sturdy devices. In 2007, HP was exposed more to the world and became leading manufacturer while maintaining this position till 2013. After 2013, this position was although taken by Lenovo but achieved it back in 2017. However, Lenovo made it to no.1 a year later. 


Lenovo isn’t too many decades old yet stands at the leading bar with its significance and innovative range of laptops, Desktop PCs, tablets, mobiles and much more. It is a Chinese company formulated in headquarters of Beijing, China and Morrisville. The production of Thinkpads and Ideapads got a good hit in tech arcade and made these devices popular around the globe. Lenovo remained no 1 largest computer vendors from 2015 to 2017. 

Dell V/s Lenovo V/s HP : The Components  


Processors: Dell is prone to use different processors like Intel and AMD. Both these processors are proven for vigilant speed and impactful performance. With its low-priced laptops, it can use dual-core processors, which are pretty decent for daily computing tasks.  While the high-end or gaming laptops by Dell consist of Quad-core processors that are no less than a powerhouse. 

Screen & Graphics: Dell ranges its laptop from a small-sized 11-inch screen to a larger display of up to 17-inch that exhibit a good picture quality with true high definition. Apart from that the GPU based in Dell systems is comprised mostly of both NVIDIA and AMD graphics that promises for compact visuals. 

Battery: The battery tier of dell is frequently based on 3-cell batteries. We never really see 4 or 6-cell battery power in Dell laptops. 


Processors: Lenovo majorly equips Intel processors except for some its Chromebooks where we can observe MediaTek processors. Dual-core processors are similarly used in inexpensive laptops, while the use of Quad-core is implemented in high spec models.  

Screen & Graphics:  Lenovo uses every size in its laptop screens from 11-inch to 15-inches, but you can see a lack of High Resolution in some of its mid-level laptops. There are better screens Resolutions with same priced laptops, so it has to be observed before buying a Lenovo screen. For graphics, Lenovo mostly relies on Intel graphics for its general laptops, while the gaming laptops can use GeForce graphics for immersive visuals. 

Battery:  The battery life of Lenovo laptops is comparatively better than Dell laptops and it also uses 6-cell batteries in its laptops. Mostly, you will be able to extract 5 to 10 hours of battery capacity from Lenovo laptops. Also, there is a higher portability rate in Lenovo device than any others so they are more travel-friendly. 


Processors:  HP stays reliable with its vast range of processor equipment in medium to high-end HP laptops.  The low to mid budget laptops mostly comprise i5 processor by Intel, while the flagship range comes with the latest i7 processor and the upgraded 10th Gen core. 

Screen & Graphics:  HP features several screens across the globe include IPS and TN technology and anti-glare display as well with its wide screen sizes. You can checkout HP screens generally with a large panel, but we get significantly smaller sizes too. As per the graphics, we get NVIDIA and AMD both with its GPU as well.  

Battery: If you need to watch out for one of the most trustable batteries, HP has quite a-lot ones’ for you. Mostly HP batteries are removable and also long-lasting with faster charging. 

Best Laptop For Gaming 

Dell stood out previously in providing good gaming laptops, but HP with its Omen series is conquering game-plays with its visually appealing structure and high performances. 

Budget-friendly laptop 

Lenovo has an extensive collection of budget packages from affordable offers to reasonable high-end laptops. On the contrary, HP has also produced economical range laptops for its users with credible specs and features. 


If you like the sustainability of every feature in a laptop, HP conquers overall with its undeniable speed, stellar performance and upgraded functionality. But if you are a fan of more stylish yet powerful laptops, Lenovo stays right at point for you. Dell on the other side is great for complex users or even traditional users needing authentic quality and steadfast computing. 

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