What is Retail Merchandising?

You may have heard the term previously, however not actually sure what it means. Retail Merchandising is a process used to do sales in the retail industry.

A few people imagine that merchandising is just about items. It’s most certainly not. There are a lot further thinks to consider as a component of the total marketing process.

Merchandising starts at the root of sourcing the items. This means retailers should have the option to have cozy associations with their providers so as to get the best arrangements, both as far as items and service. At this stage negotiation skills are a big bonus, because if you can source your products for cheaper you can make a bigger margin on the resale and no retailer is going to turn down the opportunity for additional benefit.

When the item selection and negotiation process is complete its back at the store. A large part of Retail Merchandising is the procedure that will be used to make the sale. The methodology for the most part includes the pricing and positioning of the product within the store. Is the product going to be better placed by the checkouts, or possibly closer the front of the store? Otherwise called Display Merchandising it is important that the product is made easily available to the customers as they browse the store. In the event that they can’t discover it they definitely won’t be buying!

The introduction side of retail merchandising is very important. Are you using the right type of display for the items? Shouldn’t something be said about colours, shapes and platforms? The visual element of product merchandising is very important. It needs the client to feel not only attracted to, but engaged with the product on display. Some display units might let you touch, feel and use the item and these are proven to be very successful, especially in the electronics industry.

If done correctly Retail Merchandising as a process can bring great rewards to your business. The best beginning stage is the choice of value items. With the right pricing and display fittings the item at that point gets speaking to the client and you could begin to see them flying off the shelves.

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