What is Difference between Parenting & Digital Parenting?

What is Difference between Parenting & Digital Parenting?

The widespread adoption of technology has put a huge influence on the way of bringing up children. In this digital age, parents are not only required to educate their children about what is good and what is bad for them. They are also responsible to make them learn about digital devices and protect them from the negative aspect of these machines. The act of getting kids train about the digital world is named as digital parenting. It is the duty of a digital parent to educate children about the pros and cons of digital devices. They are also required to provide help in making appropriate selections regarding software, applications, smartphones, gadgets, computers and other innovations.

What is Digital Parenting?

The real world carries several threats for children such as kidnapping, harassment, and abuse. The digital world is also not without dangers. Helping kids to survive in the digital world by educating them about good and bad is called digital parenting. The prevalence of smartphones and internet technology has enhanced the importance of digital parenting. Parents who do not train their kids about the cyber world are likely to put children into the risk of cyberbullying and online child predation.

Digital Parenting App

The first and foremost thing to ensure kids’ protection is education. Parents are required to educate kids about the dos and don’ts of the digital devices and cyber world. Let them know what type of dangers they are likely to face while using this technology. Also, help them learn the ways to combat these dangers. Help them in picking up apps, software, and gadgets appropriate for their age. At the same time, keep an eye on their digital behaviour to ensure their online safety. There are digital parenting and kids monitoring apps that provide great support to parents in supervising their kids’ real and cyber lives. The app empowers them to be virtually present around their kids to protect them from menaces of digital technology. Read on to know how the digital parenting app works and what it can do.

How Digital Parenting App Works

You are required to download and install the cell phone monitoring software on your kid’s phone. After installation, the app will get access to the information saved on the phone. This information contains the detail about kids’ online and offline activities including chats, calls, social media posts, emails and more. The app uploads entire data to the web portal of the app from where parents can access and evaluate this information. They can keep an eye on children all the time through the online control panel of the app. Given the features of the app further, explain the functioning of digital parenting software.

Read Online Chats

Parents must know what their kids communicate online and with whom. The app for kids monitoring keeps parents updated about their kids’ online chats. It provides access to incoming and outgoing instant messages and emails of teens and tweens. By logging into the online portal of the digital parenting app, parents can read messages received and sent by their children. They can find out if there is any harassing or objectionable stuff in these messages. In this way, they can identify bullies and predators.

Monitor Social Media Activities

It is important to watch out the social media activities of teens to prevent them from wrongdoings. The surveillance app lets parents supervise kids’ social media chats and posts. They can see what they communicate through the most popular social networking apps. Also, they can keep an eye on their kids’ online friend-lists to ensure they do not get engaged with strangers or predators. The supervision of social media activities also helps to protect kids from self-harm activities and misconduct.

Supervise Internet Use

The supervision of internet usage is crucial to prevent kids from visiting objectionable or age-inappropriate websites. The parental control app for digital devices let parents know how their kids use the internet. It provides access to the internet browsing history of their mobile phones and computers. Parents can make use of parental control software to block access to unwanted and adult-oriented websites and apps.

Hope this article would help in differentiating between parenting and digital parenting. Keep visiting us for more information on parenting and the digital world.

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