What are the Benefits of FASTag other than Decluttering toll plazas?

FASTag became mandatory on 15th December 2019, and there were about 6.4 crore transactions worth Rs.1256 crore processed by the end of the year. Mandating FASTag cards for all private as well as commercial vehicles in national highways is a step taken by the government focusing majorly on decluttering toll plazas. However, this isn’t the sole benefit of FASTags.

Operated by the National Highway Authority of India, it uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to set up an automated payment mechanism eliminating the need for vehicles to stop by the toll plaza and wait in line to pay toll charges. This was not only inconvenient for the commuters but also was time-consuming. Subsequently, commuters can look at various other benefits of FASTag for cars as follows.

Benefits of FASTag

Easy payment options

Individuals applying for FASTag needs to get it activated either themselves or by visiting a financial institution from where they have applied for it. Once activated, they can either link their bank account for FASTag payment or they can use NHAI wallet for the same. In case one chooses the wallet, they need to recharge it so that the toll amount can be deducted every time their registered vehicle crosses a toll plaza.

Notifications for transactions

FASTag users will be better able to track their expenses as each transaction is notified to the user in the form of SMS. The SMS received on their registered mobile number is beneficial as they don’t have to keep track of the crossings manually.

5-year validity

Users can get FASTag for their vehicle, which is valid for 5 years. So, they can be assured for the next 5 years as they are saved from the hassles of keeping cash and waiting to pay it manually every time. Also, it is to note that a FASTag is unique for a vehicle and one card can’t be linked to any two or more vehicles, essential to make tracking vehicles easier.


Individuals can avail a 10% cashback for the first year FASTag payments made by the user making it financially feasible for customers who frequently go on road trips. Individuals can extend the benefits and financial coverage further by availing Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions like Road Trip Protection insurance plan offered by Bajaj Finserv which provides financial coverage of in case of mishaps which can happen on a road trip.

App or online portal usage

Individuals can make use of the Fast Tag car card and manage it either via a portal or through the FASTag app. The app can be utilised by users to activate the card that is kept at the car’s windscreen for automated payment.

Saves time and energy

While waiting for 50 seconds or a minute may seem like a small-time or stopping the car may consume a little extra fuel, these can result in a substantial amount of time and fuel considering more than one vehicle. Commuters can save time and fuel as they don’t have to stop the vehicle and pay at the toll plaza.

After FASTag has been made mandatory for vehicles plying on national highways, more individuals are looking for answers about how to apply for FASTag. To answer it, they can apply from a financial company, authorised e-Commerce centre, or toll plaza.

Now individuals going on weekend getaways can make easier toll payments with a FASTag card. In addition to this, they can make use of a weekend getaway road trip cover to improve their experience as it will give them the needed financial assistance should they meet an unfortunate situation.

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