Ways to Make Promotional Videos Generate Leads

Video marketing is a tried and tested form of marketing that greatly helps you generate leads. Everything from live streams to 3D interactive videos helps to engage, excite and pique the interest of customers. Video marketing is slowly becoming one of the most popular forms of marketing around the world. However, most large companies are not leveraging this medium effectively. Are you looking for ways to make your promotional videos generate leads? If so, you are in the right place, because here’s a look at some ways to improve the return on investment of your videos.

Create a Funnel

Make sure you lead your audience into your marketing funnel. This requires you to set up an entrance or gate for them, through which they can access your products and services. The simplest way to do this would be to create a landing page that requires the user to input some details or information. However, this isn’t always effective as customers quickly lose interest if the page takes too long to load. To make the funneling easier, marketers are now adding the page in the video player, and this acts as a great way to get the audience’s attention effectively. This, in turn, makes them head to the landing page before they view your video and so you are able to garner their interest.

Employ CTAs

CTAs or Call to Action statements inspires your viewers to get more engaged with you and your brand. Hence, they must be an integral part of your video marketing strategy. Annotations and pop-outs requesting you to sign up for newsletters, pop-ups asking for personal details and ones which show you promotional offers all serve as great CTAs. Not only does this lead your viewers further down the marketing funnel, but it also helps you interact with your audience. Another way to boost engagement is to ask for lead information mid-way between the video. In such a case, engagement rates seem to be higher as the customer wants to finish seeing the video, now that it has begun. Therefore, installing a pop-up that comes mid-way asking for lead information is a good tactic to gain valuable customer information.

Live Videos Are Here to Stay

Thanks to the growth of social media, live video streams are now a popular method of advertising and marketing. Rather than depending on one-off videos to market your products and services, try to switch to a live video series. Such a strategy is more continuous and hence, helps you form a better bond with your viewers. Firstly, take account of what metrics you want to improve, and make sure that your goals are specific, measurable and attainable. Next, create a short video series of up to 5 episodes, which you can then release on a bi-weekly basis to maintain contact with your customer base. Also, make sure that you spread these videos on multiple social media channels. For instance, if you did a Facebook Live, upload the same onto your Twitter handle and Instagram page to increase viewership. This helps you to connect with people on a larger scale, while also ensuring that these channels of yours stay active and relevant. Try to release more engaging videos such as Q&A sessions to build a rapport with your customers.

Invest in Teasers

We have all watched and hyped movies based on their teasers and trailers, and Hollywood has shown us time and time again, how integral this is to marketing. Adopt this idea for your promotional videos and live videos as well. Edit your complete video into crisp snippets which can help you generate some hype for your videos. Release these a few days before your actual video drops, and watch as your engagement and viewership rates soar.

Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, and so is also a great place to run marketing campaigns and test out new strategies. Companies cannot look to generate new leads by overlooking social media. Do you feel that you don’t have the right editing and video-making skills to make a mark? Long gone are the days wherein you needed expensive equipment and trained professionals to create good videos. In today’s world, everything is just a click away! Beginners can make use of tools such as Moovly, which serves as a simple drag-and-drop video-making tool to create their promotional videos. While using software like this, all the user has to do is choose the right template, adapt and modify them as per your requirement and then build your video on the editor. Similarly, while sharing and promoting these videos you can make use of quotes from the video, image snippets or screenshots or even convert the data into an infographic to gain more impact.

Add Testimonials

Nearly all of us ask someone else for an opinion before making a purchase, and this is why social proof and validation is so important. Rather than having testimonials only on your website, try to create videos showcasing your product or service in its environment. This can include opinions from your customers, highlighting of your product’s unique selling points and even a Q&A or FAQ session. daayri Viewers feel closer and more attached to people they hear speaking, and hence such testimonials will have more of an impact than the ones on your website.

All these examples will help you start generating leads for your business using promotional videos. Almost every step of the marketing funnel or conversion process can be integrated to videos. Whether you need to find new leads, or sustain the ones you generated before, promotional videos can go a long way in helping you find customers from all over the web.

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