How to Upload Website on Your Domain: A Step-by-Step Guide

upload the website on domain

In this tutorial, we will explain to you how to upload a website on the domain. First, you will need a website domain and usa web hosting price before you can upload your website domain.

Also, we’ll share some tips you need to make the domain name, pick the right domain name and register your new domain for free from web hosts.

Choose best-featured web hosting:

Choosing a reliable web hosting provider is not a crucial part. Find the best web hosting providers using price comparisons, offers and best features.

Here are several points that you should consider when choosing the best web hosting provider that will prove the best level of service for your online business

  1. Website Security – Nowadays, every web hosting company offers malware scans and other security tools. Some web hosting will charge for further premium security.
  2. Website Backup: Some web hosts offer regular website backups so find a web host who provides the daily website backup.
  3. SSL Certificate: Check whether your hosting provider offers a free SSL certificate or not. SSL certificates will help you to secure your website.
  4. Control Panel: Find a web hosts provider that offers you a user-friendly web-based cPanel, so you can easily manage your website.
  5. 24/7 technical support: A best web hosting service should have an expert’s team who can help you at any time, in case of any technical difficulties of your website.

Pick a Right Domain Name:

Choosing the best domain name for a website is a crucial part. There are various types of domains extension available. We have a simple five-step that you can use to pick the perfect domain name for your website.

  • Always use Top Level Domains (.com, .org, .net, and .edu), Country Top Level Domains (.us, .uk, .co, .tv, .io, and .in.), Second Level Domains (, .ar). We always suggest you pick a .com domain name.
  • The keywords in your domain name can help you to rank your website on Google. You can use the Google Keyword Planner tool to find the best keyword.
  • Select your domain name that is easy to say and spell. So, you can easily share your site with friends and your customers.
  • Avoid hyphens, numbers and double letters in your domain name because it increases your chances of losing traffic on the website.
  • Keep the domain name short. The short and simple domain name is always easy to read, write and easy to share.

Your domain name will have a vital impact on the growth of your website so choose the right domain name. Follow all the above tips to create a unique and brandable domain name for your website.

Also, you can use domain name generator tools. There are many domain name generator tools available in the market.

Method to Upload Your Website On Domain:

There are two different ways you can upload your website to your domain. i] File Manager ii] FTP Client. Follow the below steps to upload a website on a domain.

File Manager:

You can easily upload website domain directly via cPanel in File Manager. The file manager allows you to manage all files connected with your cPanel account.

  1. Login to your cPanel Account. Then, you will see the File Manager option under the Files section.
  2. Select the Web Root (public_html) option and Show Hidden File, and then press the Go button.
  3. Now, you will see the File Manager screen, click on the Upload button from the top toolbar and select the file from your computer storage.
  4. Once it uploads is finished then locate it at /home/customer/public_html. After that go to File Manager and extract the uploaded file to the public_html directory.

Import a Database to phpMyAdmin:

You want to import your website database, then follow the below steps to import it into the phpMyAdmin section.

  1. Open phpMyAdmin and create a new MySQL database.
  2. Click on the Databases in the top-menu (newly created database by phpMyAdmin)
  3. Select the name of the database, click on the Import option to upload the backup file of your database
  4. Click Go. Now, import your database. Don’t forget to update the MySQL database login information.

Conclusion: Upload Website on Your Domain

In this post, we will cover everything you’ll want to know about an upload website on a domain and buy a new domain name and web hosting.

If you are starting a personal blog or professional website for the first time, then you must know everything about domain and web hosting.

If you have no domain name then first buy a domain name and cheap reseller web hosting and follow all the given steps carefully to upload the website on google.

Once your website files are uploaded, now you have to check your website work or not. Type your domain name (website URL) into your browser and check the website.

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