Top Machines You Must Use for Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, all the things like gym machines, cardio workouts, running, and lean foods starts coming into the mind. Most people think weight loss is tough, but actually, it is not. If you follow a proper diet and perform the right exercises, weight loss is easier than you think.

Now to lose weight with exercises, either you need to visit a gym or workout at home. In both ways, you need to work out on the right machines to achieve your weight loss goals. Let us explore the best machines that you must use for your workouts to lose weight.


A treadmill is the most common machine that every gym goers use, whether they want to lose or gain weight. It offers the best mechanism to your body for burning calories, and it mimics the movements as running on the ground. Moreover, the treadmill is one of the easiest to use cardio machines, even for new users. Even if you are new to gym, you can use it easily.

All you need to do is step on the machine, hold the handlebars and start running steadily on its base. The base will start rolling back, and you will gain momentum with time. Once you practice on the machine for some days, you can run without holding the sidebars and faster.

Cross Trainer

A cross trainer is another best and effective machine for weight loss. The cross trainer has an additional advantage that it stimulates the movement of the entire body. It means it helps you burn calories from the entire body instead of specific body parts. The movements of body parts are quite smooth and steady in a cross-trainer that reduces the chances of injury. Even elders can use the machine easily as the movements do not strain the joints.

Stationary Bike

A stationary bike is a machine that mimics the movement of an outdoor bicycle, but it is stationary. Although there is no substitute for the fresh outdoor air and the sense of nature, you can reap the most benefits of outdoor bicycling on this machine. A stationary bike is small, so you can place it on the balcony of your home or even in your bedroom. You can use it in the gym or at home. The machine offers multiple levels of resistance that you can adjust according to your comfort level.

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is another great equipment for weight loss. It offers you a full-body workout without the risk of injury. You sit in a comfortable position on a seat and pull the handlebar-mounted to a pulley towards your chest. Your feet rest on the foot-rests, and the entire body slides in back and forth motion. The motion is easy but quite effective for the legs and upper body.

Rowing machines also help you to tone and build muscles and strengthen cardiovascular functions in the body. In addition to this, regularly working on a rowing machine also improves your stamina.

Vibration Exercise Machine

The vibration exercise machine is among the latest additions to gyms that helps burn calories very effectively. The machine removes the cellulite from the body that helps in weight loss. It is very effective for people with high levels of cellulite in their bodies. Moreover, the machine is very easy to use as the user needs to stand on the machine in the right posture and turn it on to feel the vibrations throughout their body. It is also suitable for people unable to perform high-intensity exercises.

Pilates reformer

Pilates is a group of workouts that people perform to tone up their muscles and lose weight. An align pilates reformer is a wonderful piece of equipment that enables you to perform a variety of exercises. It has rubber bands that help you to perform stretching exercises for your legs and arms. You can perform workouts for your upper body, lower body, core, and back. Physical therapists also recommend doing pilates exercises for healing back pain.


A stepmil is a machine that mimics the movement of a fast-moving escalator. It feels like climbing the stairs fast and is tough to use as compared to a treadmill or vibration machine. It makes the user move against gravity and bears their body weight. Despite the high intensity of exercises, the machine is very effective in burning calories and losing weight.

Final Words

These are the best machines for weight loss both for beginners and experienced users. You don’t need to be an expert to use these machines. Simply following the instruction of your gym instructor and a low calories diet will help you lose weight. Consulting your physician or dietician can make you achieve the results faster and achieve your dream body.


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