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23 Beautiful Places In India, Most Beautiful Places in India

Tours in India

India is a land of paradoxes, with people living from day to day and people enjoying all the luxuries, people open to the new and people anchored in traditions for thousands of years. At the same time, India is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, where travelers can choose both natural wonders and monuments full of tradition.

Taj Mahal

One of the seven wonders of the Modern World and a symbol of India, the Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaj Mahal who died in 1631. Her last wish was for her husband to build her the most beautiful mausoleum in the world, and work on the monument began in 1632.


Saint Amritsar, located in northwestern India in the state of Punjab, is the religious center of the Sikh religion. The main attraction is the Golden Temple, made of marble and bronze and blown in gold. It was built in 1803 and its walls are decorated with floral motifs made of semi-precious stones.


Also known as the Pink Storm, Jaipur was chosen as the capital under the rule of Maharaja Jai ​​Singh II. The city includes the largest and best-preserved of the five astronomical observatories built by the passionate prince of stars. His descendants still live in a wing of the city center palace.


Located at an altitude of over 2,200 meters, Darjeeling offers tourists a refuge from the high summer temperatures. The main attractions include several Buddhist monasteries, tea plantations, traditional markets but also places for climbing.


With its magnificent palm-fringed beaches, Goa is one of India’s top attractions. The architecture retains the influence of former Portuguese settlers and the area includes a number of spectacular churches built by them.


Varanasi is the holiest city in India. Every year, thousands of Hindu pilgrims come here to purify themselves by bathing in the waters of the Ganges before sunrise. There are over 2,000 temples in the area.


Built by the British, Bombay which is currently known as Mumbai is the country’s economic center. The metropolis is also home to Bollywood, India’s prolific film industry, which produces more films than any other country in the world. Mumbai’s main attraction is its contradictions: tourists can visit impressive buildings and monuments here, as well as crowded squares. Even Russian Escorts in Mumbai is available for tourists and people who want some relax from their busy schedule.

In Mumbai there are many read light places are still exist where people go to complete their desires.  Mumbai is a dream city for most of the people and many migrate in Mumbai in search of work and other urgent tasks. As many people want to make career in acting so they go to the acting collages and other acting institutes based in Mumbai. There are also many interesting places to visit in Mumbai such as The Gateway of India, Red Carpet Wax Museum, Elephanta Caves, Kidzania and many other interesting and monumental places. Plus, if you want to take advantages of Escort Service in Mumbai, then there can be some arrangements.

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