The Inflating Cloud of Big Data Analytics

As we continue to generate data in terabytes every second, the ever growing data cloud continues to inflate over time. As such, only big data analytics holds the master key to mine useful data. Having said that, the importance of understanding the various aspects of big data analytics becomes much more pivotal. This article is a small step in this direction.


Big data is one of the most essential components of data science. In fact, big data analytics lies at the heart and core of data science. Big data analytics can be defined as a process by which we are able to segregate, analyse, examine or evaluate information so as to make it much more comprehensive and understandable. 

It is a common question to ask whether the nebula of big data would continue to expand with the passage of time. It is also questioned by many people whether there would be a limit to this ever expanding cloud of data. To answer these questions, let’s take the discussion further.

Sources of data

There are innumerable sources of data. Few among them are mentioned here. The grand source of data is none other than search engine. A search engine is able to mine data as and when required thereby generating loads of data in which only a fraction is required by the user. Another important source of data is content which is uploaded over the internet. This may range from files, audio, video to even graphics. Moreover, this can be deemed as conventional source of data as newer forms of data are generated in the form of zip files which compress voluminous amount of data into a small file.

Where is the sink?

It is a common misconception that every source needs to be related to a sink. This is true in most of the cases but when it comes to data generated over the cloud, there may not be a sink to data. Having said that, we may consider here the useful data to be the source and the redundant data to be the sink.

A world on the cloud 

We have successfully created a social world over the cloud which hosts unimaginable amounts of data. To understand the various aspects and contours of this cloud, there is a dire need for Specialization in big data online course which would create a genre of professionals suited to tackle the problem. 

How will the cloud continue to inflate?

The cloud would continue to inflate in the form of research in data over the cloud and also by limitations to edge computing. 

Concluding remarks 

If we continue to provide big data online courses, we will soon be able to come up with remedies to tackle the voluminous amount of data which continues to grow. However, this initiative of providing such courses needs to be backed by some policies conducive to further research in this field. 

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