The Factors That Come Into Consideration In The Choice Of A Stock Broking Firm

For stock traders the choice of the best stock broker in India 2020 is of importance. A host of factors come into prominence when you are about to choose a stock broker. In fact the choice of one is not an easy task and there are some factors that you have to bear in mind

The choice of one does become a lot tricky with a lot of them present in the market.

Trading Costs

To select a broker for your needs trading costs assume a lot of importance. The concept of trading involves annual maintenance charges, brokerage etc. The brokers are known to levy charges in a couple of ways

  • A fixed percentage of the total value of the trade in terms of brokerage
  • A flat rate per trade where it does not have any resemblance on the volume traded

The fixed brokers offer discounts to traders who conduct a major chunk of trades. Another important point of consideration is demat charges. You need to be aware that trading costs have an overall impact on how much profit you make from the market. To earn more money from your investments you need to search for a low brokerage firm.

Trading Platforms

Another important factor that comes into prominence in the choice of a stock broker is the trading platform offered. What is the online trading software that is provided by the providers? Now does the software have scanners or trend charts? You also need to check out whether the broker is providing you latest software on the trading platform. Even you have to check whether the broker has a viable app. So before you choose a broker this is an important point to consider.

Margin leverage

For a major chunk of traders mainly day time ones margin exposure is of vital importance in the search of a stock broker. By this feature you are able to trade multiple times with the same fund that is available in your account. Before you choose a stock broker check out the margin exposure that is provided by them.

Research capabilities

The top notch brokers in India are known to provide reports to clients. This is done on the basis of a detailed study where calls to the customers are given out.  Even reports on the market and economy are published. A series of this provides vital insights to the customers. So a suggestion is to evaluate the research capabilities of a stock broker before you end up making a choice.

Last but not the least another influential factor in the choice of a stock broker in India is the customer service. Not only physical presence but virtual assistance is provided by the top stock broking firms in the country. Even the online stock brokers offer advice to the clients without face to face interaction. On the other hand the dedicated fixed service brokers are willing to serve clients round the clock.

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