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Strategies And Quick Facts To Win Teen Patti Online

Teen Patti is one of the most enthralling card games and is a hot favorite of players around the world. It is played with specific rules, and the results depend mostly on mathematical probability.

Everyone who plays the game wants to make a good profit, but not all of them have a stroke of golden luck. In fact, a majority of players are unaware of the tricks and strategies of winning the game. In the following article, we will talk about strategy and quick facts to win Teen Patti online.

To win a Teen Patti game, precisely knowing the variation which you are going to play is important. A few players who have mastered one variation believe they will be good in the others too. However, that happens very rarely. So if you want to play a safe game, don’t bet on the variations which you don’t understand. Here are a few other strategies which will help you with your Teen Patti game:


  • Use the free chips to play: If you play Teen Patti online, then you will get many free chips. These not only give you a chance to win free money, but also help you in practicing the game, which comes in handy while putting the money on stake.
  • Utilize the slideshow option: In this option, you are free to ask the player who played previous to you to show their cards. Once you know their cards, you can compare the strengths of your card combinations and decide who has better chances of winning. You can also use the slideshow option to exit the game if your chances of winning are low.
  • Don’t lose attention: In the Teen Patti game, you cannot afford to lose your attention. You have to be much focused and continuously pay attention to the patterns of your opponents. If you get hold of their pattern, then it can increase the probability of your winning up to a reasonable extent. Many new players are not good at hiding patterns, and you can use it for your advantage. Also, you have to master the art of hiding your patterns from other players!
  • Begin slowly: Don’t commit the mistake of putting a big bet at the beginning itself. Buy your time and wait till you get good cards. Always remember that if you place a massive bet in the beginning only, then it will add to the advantage of the other players, and you may end up making only a small amount. If you save your money till you get the best cards, you can be taking a good amount home.
  • Know when to pack: A good player is the one who can guess his win or loss. Once you smell a loss, it’s better to pack and wait till a better round arrives. It’s necessary to observe your cards carefully before putting money on the bet. A majority of novice players come under the influence of the thrill and excitement of the game and forget the very motive for which they are playing, i.e., winning.
  • Don’t give up too early: Though it’s always better to decide on your limits and opt for bankroll management before starting a game, it doesn’t mean that you should give up just after playing and losing a few games. Always remember that good luck doesn’t last, and the same goes for bad luck. You may end up getting weak cards in a few rounds, and it can be frustrating, but you have to keep trying till you get stronger ones. You can also opt to play with bonus points and free chips till you get good cards, or you can change your table.


The popularity of the Teen Patti online game is increasing every day, and more players are flocking to online casinos to try their skill and luck at the table. For some expert gamers, it has become a way to make money online.



If you are a poker fan, then Teen Patti game has to be on your list. All those who are looking forward to visiting a casino to play some card games, should visit the Teen Patti online tables and play a few rounds to know what they are capable of doing. With the increasing craze of online casinos, regional favorites like Teen Patti are the favorite spot of legendary players. Teen Patti is one such game that has remained in the top favorite lists of card game lovers and is expected to stay there in the future too. Though there are other card games available, none of them comes even close to the thrill and excitement that Teen Patti game offers.

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