Some of the Odd Jobs People have to do to Earn Money


36 Best Ways to Make Money from Home (Legitimate)It seems that in our time we can pay people to do everything we don’t have time to do: walk our dogs, build our furniture, organize our home, or… hold us in our arms when we feel alone. Even so, people can hire a professional to give them affectionate hugs, pay “undercover” bridesmaids to attend the wedding, and even professional mourners to cry at loved ones’ funerals or Mumbai call girls who satisfy their clients to earn money. And these are just some of the extremely strange trades but practiced in some corners of the world.

Snake breeders

Snake breeders extract the venom of some of the most dangerous reptiles in the world, such as rattlesnakes or cobras. The venom obtained is often used to make the antidote used in hospitals or laboratories and is sold for as much as $ 1,000 a gram.

Professional mourners 

Professional mourners attend funerals and mourn the dead. In many parts of the world, for a few hours, families can hire such people to be with them to lead their loved ones on the last journey.

Surf instructors for dogs 

This job is not practiced anywhere, but only in certain exclusive oceanfront restaurants where people are willing to hire a personal sports coach even for the pet. Most of the time, the services come bundled with those for people, but there are places where the courses are only for puppies.

Panda/Bear caretakers

Ok, indeed, this job is officially called panda bear caretaker, but since the lack of mating desire and total laziness of panda bears is well known, a lot of caretakers have resorted to all sorts of less orthodox methods. , going as far as Viagra, to help a bear brother solve his sexual problems.

Intoxication professionals 

Intoxication professionals are people who have no problem holding hands with totally unknown people, as long as they are well paid. Even if you earn well, sometimes up to $ 100 an hour, there are disadvantages: enough mental and emotional barriers that a hug professional must overcome, says Samantha Hess, a Portland woman who practices this profession.

Female Escort Service

Due to the economic crisis and low earnings, the trend of Mumbai Escort girls has grown in many areas of the world, sometimes it is a one-time affair, but after some time the girls return to these earnings. What is striking is the number of female students who earn money by studying.

However, the vast majority of prostitutes moved from the street to erotic clubs or online escort services. Price relations are thus slowly increasing in working with an Escort Service Provider and Female Escort Websites.

Professional ear cleaner

Although an endangered profession, professional ear cleaning is an art – and one that has been passed down from generation to generation. Basically, these boys work on the streets of India, cleaning people’s ears “of any foreign body, wax, and dust” with a needle covered with cotton wool and a pair of pliers.

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