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Small Size Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact

Naruto is a very famous anime series by Masashi Kishimoto which has succeeded in entertaining and gaining a special place in the hearts of its fans.

The stories from the Naruto manga series total of 700 chapters and for the anime version, there are approximately 500 episodes.

As well as presenting various kinds of stories and adventures that are very entertaining and there are positive values ​​and moral messages in them.

Naruto Shippuden is currently a game version and can be played on various consoles such as Playstation (PS), Nintendo, PSP, PC / computer.

And what’s even greater is that games that can only be played on PSP can now be played on an Android smartphone, of course, this becomes more effective.

In this article, the admin will discuss one of the Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact games, the version of the ppsspp game that is looking for a lot.

Download the Small Size PPSSPP Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact Game

Game Details:

  • Game Name: Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact PPSSPP
  • Genre: Adventure, Action and Super Power
  • Supports: Playstation Portable (PSP), Android and PC (Must use ppsspp emulator)
  • English
  • Format / Extension: ISO / CSO
  • Size: 548 MB (High Compressed)
  • Use the default Chrome browser/web browser for downloads

Download Naruto Ninja Impact 70 MB (High compress)

For small high compressed ISO files, you can get them via the download link below:

For the High Compress, the game still uses Japanese. If you want to use the English one, you can use the CSO file which has a smaller size (536 MB) than the original version.

How to Install Naruto ISO on Android

  1. Select one of the ISO or CSO files that you will use in the link above
  2. For ISO or CSO files, just move them to your Android storage either on SDcard / External or Internal memory
  3. For files in the form of RAR, you have to extract them first, then move them to the Android device you are using.
  4. Then extract the saved data file
  5. Move the RULES Folder to Internal storage / PSP / Savedata / move it here.
  6. If so, just open and run the PPSSPP Emulator which is already installed on your Android phone
  7. Then select the Naruto game then play
  8. Enjoy.

You can extract RAR files using the ZArchiver application, or you can follow the tutorial on How to Extract RAR & ZIP Files on Android which has been discussed in other articles.

Settings So Not to Lag & Crash

When you first open and play this game, usually on some Android phones there will be a lag and when you start the mission it will come out on its own.

So that this problem does not occur, you should change the settings on the PPSSPP emulator as shown below.


Naruto Ninja Impact PPSSPP is included in the action genre game, so many gamers love it, especially if they are a fan of the Naruto anime.

This game can be played on a computer and can also be played on an Android smartphone.

If you want to play this Naruto Battle game, of course, you have to use a PC emulator and an Android emulator when playing on an Android device.

The Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact game already has a very good graphic display and its own characteristics.

This game is a series of the last Naruto Game released by Bandai or NGBI around 2011.

Although this game was released the last for the PSP series, it is guaranteed in terms of quality and gameplay.

There will be lots of exciting and interesting things that you will find in the Naruto Ninja Impact game.

The storyline of this game starts from a rescue mission for the package (Gaara) to a meeting with the five Kage.

Apart from the small size Naruto Ninja Impact game series that the admin has explained above, there are still more exciting series that you must try.

That was the explanation about the PPSSPP Naruto Ninja Impact iso high compressed game for Android complete with a Google drive link to download it.

For those of you who are curious about the game, please just download the link that we have provided above.

Then install and play the game with your friends. Enjoy playing and thank you for visiting.

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