Side by Side vs. Double Door Refrigerator: Which is better?

In today’s world, the refrigerator has become one of the essential appliances of the kitchen. The underlying reason for having a refrigerator is to keep the food at a cold temperature. Because the foodstuff is present in cold temperature, it stays fresh for a long time when compared to keeping it at room temperature. The activity of bacteria is slowed down due to the reduced temperature, and this is the main idea behind refrigerating foodstuffs.

There are different models of refrigerators in the market to suit each one’s preferences. So before investing in a model, it is mandatory to do little research. The two popular models in the market are the side by side and double door refrigerators.

In this article, we will see how to choose a good side by side refrigerator and the benefits present in each type.

Side by Side Refrigerators

This model is very much similar to the two-door closet that is opened on the side. It can assist in the loss of heat. It comes with 550-600 liter capacity. It also features an automatic cleaning system, and the power consumption is high. The price range for these models is 80,000 to 101,000 rupees.

The feature available in this type are:

  1. The shelves are detachable
  2. Auto-defrost
  3. Noise levels are less
  4. Multi-airflow cooling type
  5. LED display
  6. Good capacity


This type provides an alternative for water and ice dispenser, which is quite different from other models. Also, this model is narrow in its structure, which occupies less space.

Double Door Refrigerators

This type is specifically designed to suit the needs of huge families. The model has discrete doors that help to maintain the temperature even if it is opened several times a day. The capacity of this type is 235 to 495 liters and also has an automatic cleaning system. The price ranges from 25,000 to 30,000 rupees.

The features available in this type are:

  1. Good power supply
  2. Humidity management
  3. Multi-airflow cooling capacity
  4. Shelves are adaptable
  5. Bottle sill is large


It has a good freezer section with a considerable size. The available racks are huge. The effect of cooling is excellent, which helps to store food for a long duration.

Final verdict

The space consumption is less for the double door than side by side door refrigerator, and the freezer is not on a satisfactory level in side by side type. When handling large items, the double door seems quite simple than its contemporary model. Although both of these types seem budget-friendly, one needs to calculate the future energy consumption cost that comes with it. In that light, the double door is 20% more energy efficient.

The benefit of a side by side model is its capacity, a huge freezer compartment when compared to the double door type.

In reality, it is not an easy job to compare a side by side model with a double door type since they have many differences in terms of capacity, storage, and other features. To put, the best model of refrigerator is entirely dependent on the user’s needs. So one needs to assess the needs before researching and investing in a refrigerator.


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