Sabbatikal: how much is a vacation and how to save up for it

At least once in a lifetime, probably, each of us would just like to take off and quit work, so that in the mornings, spit on the alarm clock and forget about the tasks of the bosses. But only a few decide to do so because it is not clear how and how much you can live without a salary. We found eight people who took a chance and went on a long vacation. Here’s how they did it.

The sabbatical in American realities is not very consistent with the sabbatical in its traditional sense. Initially, sabbatical (creative leave) – derived from the biblical Sabbath (Shabbat) – is time for rest and restoration of strength. Creative leave first became commonplace in academia abroad. Teachers can take it for a year while retaining their jobs and wages. The first precedents are already appearing in America too.

Now the Sabbatical is possible not only among teachers but also in various fields of business. In the United States, about one in four large companies has the opportunity to go to the Sabbatical under various conditions with partial salary retention ( here are examples of such vacancies).

In America, the right to leave for a period of up to 1 year after 10 years of continuous experience (standard leave does not count) is only enshrined for education workers in article 335 of the Labor Code and article 47 of the Federal Law “On Education”. In accordance with 664 by order of the Ministry of Education, the procedure for the provision and payment of such leave is determined by the collective agreement in each particular educational institution. However, in practice, the head of the institution always has the right to refer to the fact that the mechanisms for providing creative leave are not specified anywhere, and he prefers to refuse.

Therefore, we have a sabbatical – so far it’s going nowhere, for which you need to prepare very well.

How much do they go to the Sabbatical and why

If we talk about legislation, then paid creative leave can last from 3 months to 1 year. In practice, the duration varies depending on the situation. The shortest sabbatical among our heroes was a three-month vacation, the longest – a vacation of 3 years.

The main reasons for leaving work nowhere were dissatisfaction with their work and general fatigue from it, as well as a desire to change activities.

What to do during the Sabbatical

The answer to this question largely depends on what preceded the departure from work. If it is burnout, the Sabbatical is often planned as a time of rest and recovery.


How much does it cost to go to the Sabbatical

Departure to the Sabbatical necessarily requires preliminary calculations. For most, this is a deliberate step, and you need to prepare for it in advance, creating an airbag.

It is difficult to name a certain amount for a sabbatical, it is very individual. It is necessary to calculate how much money is needed to live a month, so as not to limit yourself in everything. It is important to consider whether you are planning trips abroad and whether you can count on the financial assistance of loved ones.

To avoid problems, you need to prepare for leaving work at least six months in advance. If you do not calculate and go nowhere, use whenever you want to transfer your money that hadic to find bank routing number there is few options to find usaa bank routing number yielding to an impulsive decision, then instead of creative leave you have to learn to survive.

How to solve financial problems in the Sabbatical

Leaving work is, first of all, the time for recharging and finding yourself. Many in this period go to a psychologist or begin to independently study books on psychology. But in order for the sabbatical to really help achieve something new in life, and not become the cause of total lack of money, you may still have to earn extra money or sell things.

What gives the Sabbatical

In order not to regret the Sabbatical, the decision to leave work should be balanced and thought out. Then from this experience, most likely, a pleasant experience will remain, even if it is not easy.

How to go to the Sabbatical correctly

  1. Leaving work for a long time should not be impulsive, but a balanced decision, it is necessary to carefully prepare for it. Even if you want to effectively scatter papers and send your boss to the sunset, you need to do this extremely thoughtfully. A person unprepared for the sabbatical is unlikely to get what he wants from him.
  2. For the sabbatical period, you need to have a goal and a plan. Complete freedom relaxes, you want to be lazy. But later, without achieving results, there is a risk of sliding into self-accusations and depression. Therefore, remember about self-discipline and awareness: you need to clearly understand why you are going to the Sabbatical.
  3. In order for the sabbatical to be effective, do not knock down your biological clock, build a schedule according to which you will live. In the absence of work, there is a great temptation to start going to bed and getting up very late. As a result, you will not have time to do anything.
  4. It is best to have a backup plan, in case, for some reason, the first scenario does not work. It is advisable to at least outline workarounds (for example, if it is not possible to pay for rented accommodation, parents can shelter for a while).
  5. You need to prepare in advance. It will be helpful to start using the budgeting application.
  6. It is important to think about possible side jobs in advance. This will give confidence in their abilities.
  7. During the Sabbatical, it is worth maintaining physical activity (sports, walking).
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How to return to work after the Sabbatical

At interviews, potential employers, of course, will ask about a long break in seniority. The most common questions are: why didn’t you work for so long, what did you do during this period, why do you want to return. The answers to the need to be thought out in advance so as not to think about it at the interview itself.



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