Steps To Replace a Car Roof Lining

A car is a really important part of a person’s life. People like to maintain their vehicles, but after a certain time, some defects usually come up. The interior of the car is as important as the exterior, and both need to be in great shape.

A common problem car-owners come across is a sagging headliner or roof lining. It is the foam-cloth attached to the ceiling of the car. As a vehicle gets old, due to moisture and the glue losing its strength, the roof lining becomes saggy and needs to be fixed. It is not very difficult, and you can do it yourself following some simple stems.

The following guide tells the steps to replace a car roof lining.

Gather the correct equipment

If you do not gather the required equipment before starting, you may face problems later on. Make a list of all the things you will need and collect them beforehand. Make sure you have enough fabric, a knife, screwdrivers, wire brush, spray adhesive, and water with you.

All these things are easily available in the local market or at the nearest automobile repair shop. If you think you may not be able to do this task yourself, you can get in touch with professionals like car roof lining repair Southside for the services. You can ask your family members for help if you plan to replace the roof lining at home.

Remove everything holding the roof liner to the roof

First of all, remove all the trims surrounding the roof lining and holding it in its place. After that, carefully remove any seatbelt covers, speakers, visors, lights, rearview mirrors, side handles, etc. You may have to unscrew some bolts and clips too that keep the roof lining in its place.

In some vehicles, the upper A, B, C panels have to be removed so that the roof lining can be removed without any obstructions. If you do not remove these things, they may get damaged while you remove the old roof lining from the ceiling of the car.

Remove the old roof liner 

Once you remove everything that keeps the roof lining in position, it is time to remover the roof lining itself. Check that its loose and then take it out. Be careful while doing this so that you don’t damage the roof lining. It can break or get damaged if you are not careful.

When you remove the roof liner from the driver and passenger seat side, recline the seats so that you have enough space to work with. Examine the ceiling of the car to ensure that the roof lining is being removed smoothly.

Scrape off left-over foam

When you remove the roof liner, lay it down on a flat surface, and you will find many small flaky Styrofoam material on it. Now take a wire brush or sandpaper to remove any remaining bits of the foam properly. Gently scrape and repeat 2-3 times to ensure proper cleanliness.

If while cleaning, you tear any of the corners, use a strong adhesive, and try it fix out any tears in the roof lining. Once you make sure the roof lining is correctly removed and free from foam particles, you can prepare for the next step.

Cut the new fabric into the correct size

After you clean the roof lining board, bring over the new fabric and lay it over the roof lining to cut it into the correct size. While you cut the fabric, remember to keep some extra near the edges. You can cut again if necessary, but you cannot add the fabric if you cut more than required.

Once the fabric is cut into the right shape, put it into the correct position, and glue it to the roof lining. Spray adhesives and then press the fabric gently where you need to glue it. Use your palms and fingers to make sure there are no wrinkles anywhere.

Glue the roof lining to the ceiling and let it dry

Now, it is time to attach the roof lining to its original position at the ceiling. You will need to let the glue dry so that it is appropriately attached before you touch it again.

Cut the fabric out of any holes that are meant for seatbelts, visors, lights, etc. make sure you make only the required holes and do not damage it while doing it.


A sagging roof liner is one of the most common problems faced by car owners. After a certain amount of time, it is normal for the car roof liner to get loose and saggy. However, you can fix this issue yourself. In the above guide, we read about the steps to replace a car roof lining. If you ever come across a similar situation, follow these steps, and replace the roof lining easily.

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