Learn the Meaning of Colors of Different Roses

No doubt, flowers are the beautiful creation of God. Among all the flowers, rose is the most admirable one. It represents love, affection, bonding, and passion, making it an important way to express your feelings to your loved ones. Roses make it easy to express your feelings, as no words are needed when you have roses in your hand.


The fragrance makes them more special, which is irresistible. You can find roses in many colors, and each color has a message hidden within them. Some colors are naturally found as nature’s gift, while others are a gift given by genetic engineers. Read our another content about Kizinew.

Here are some concepts regarding roses and what exactly their colors speak about them:

Roses of Different Colors:

Red Rose

Red Roses

First and foremost, when we think about roses, we get a red-colored one in front of our eyes. It is the most generalized color of rose liked by one and all. This red color of rose symbolizes love and romance. They are also a great gift option when you want to convey your good wishes, especially when you want to send an appreciation message.

White rose

White roses

White color demonstrates peace, purity, and innocence. You may also call it a wedding flower, as it is specially chosen to serve the purpose. Along with being used for the wedding, they are also used for funerals too. Wedding and funeral; of course, two major events of our lives are celebrated with the help of white colors along with religious rituals. As the white is a completely blank color, it gives us the chance to express ourselves without any distraction.

Pink Rose

Pink Roses

Pink color represents gentility and grace. Whenever we see pink roses, we get warm feelings about them. Pink is a combination of white and red and hence has characteristics of both colors within it. It can be given as a token of love on many occasions.

Yellow Rose

Yellow Roses

Yellow means joy; yellow means friendship. These bright yellow flowers are very significant as they share the color of the sun. Hence they are used when you want to send encouraging messages to your loved ones. It helps to bring sunshine to your life by refreshing your mood.

Lavender Rose

Lavender Roses

Lavender colors denote love at first sight. Surprised to know!!! Aren & you? They can be used as best way when you want to express your true love as they are the sign of enchantment. Lavender rose is rarely found and hence has been associated with royalty. You can find many other shades of purple roses, among which lavender is the most demanded one. This is a hybrid of European rose and roses of Chinese origin. It represents pride, dignity, and success.

Burgundy Rose

Burgundy is a dominant color and very bold to express your emotions. It represents unconscious beauty, and hence if you have met a person with unconscious beauty and failed to express yourself in front of them, you can always give them a burgundy rose bouquet.

Orange Rose

Orange roses

Orange is a beautiful outcome we receive when red and yellow are blended. Desire, determination, fun, fascination, creativity, attraction, and camaraderie are what orange rose represents. It is gifted to someone with whom you love to spend your valuable time; it could be your friends, parents, grandparents, etc.

Coral Rose

Coral color signifies design and enthusiasm. This rose comes in the peach shade or pink shade of orange. It also symbolizes modesty and hence can be used to give a message of showing interest in someone you love to spend time with. They will understand your desire when you send them coral roses, and happily your work is done.

Pink Rose

Pink roses

The pink spectrum is large enough to include various shades, and rose pink is one among them. It is used when you want to say & thank you & to someone. They symbolize gratitude and joy.

Dark Red Roses

Dark as the word signifies power; dark red is used when you have a strong desire for something. As if you cannot live without that person and have a burning desire about them. As these flowers hold strong emotions, be careful, and think twice before offering them to someone.

Blush Pink Roses

Blush pink means admiration. It is a way you can convey your warm regards to the recipients. The flowers are so adorable that they can surely make the recipient blush.

Green Roses

Green Roses

Green rose, although not natural; it specifies calmness, fertility, peace, and spiritual rejuvenation. Being a soothing color, it connotes a strong bonding with nature. They are cultivated, but you can also get them dyed from your florists. Occasions such as baptism or confirmation can be the best to use these roses. They are also gifted to new parents or would-be parents as these roses symbolize fertility.

Black Rose

Black roses

Black rose is not a natural creation. They have been engineered genetically. Your florist can dye the roses too and provide you with black roses when demanded. Black rose symbolizes goodbye, death, and rebirth. They are used on funerals, but make sure while carrying, as most won’t like to receive black roses.

Blue Rose

Blue roses

True blue roses are not available in nature, and are processed or cultivated in labs. They are hybrids of two breeds giving a final blue color. Blue stands for mysterious and hence can be used to send important and secret messages to your admirer.

Peach Rose

Peach roses

Peach rose signifies sympathy, and hence they are a perfect selection for sympathy bouquet for the ones who have recently lost someone close to them. They are also added in combination with other color roses as they can easily blend with other colors, making the bouquet more beautiful and admirable. Log on to Ferns N Petals to buy fresh and beautiful flowers. Use your Ferns n Petals coupons to get the flowers at discounted price.


Roses are the beautiful flowers coming from the genus Rosa, and the family Rosaceae. You would be surprised to know that there are three hundred species available along with thousands of cultivators. Each color of rose depicts and sends a specific message to the recipients and hence forms a beautiful gift to be exchanged with your loved ones.

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