MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: Which MacBook Should You Buy?

Apple Macbooks have been an interesting gig in Apple iPads series, where most of us are fascinated by just the style and presence and some others like using it for the obvious power contained within it. Apple has been limited to Apple Macbook Pros since a while, but lately in the Apple arcade we have gotten a viable option of Macbook Air.  Both Apple Macbook Air and Macbook Pro come with almost the similar design, except a higher level of U series processors and some core features difference in Macbook Pro latest laptop. 

There’s no doubt that the latest Macbook Pro of more than 15-inches exhibit exceptional power with consolidation of a stunning display, speedy processor and enhanced usage. Hence, it can be counted as the most capable Macbook from the Apple.  But, the Macbook Air satisfies your every basic demand in a price value that can be more acceptable and reasonable. Let’s move ahead to find out some major differences and which one is the best option for you. 

DesignMacbook Pro & Macbook Air 

Everything could be presumed almost alike until the new big 16-inch Macbook Pro was launched. But when you compare the usual Macbook Pros with Macbook Air, you might view them like amicable twins sharing machined aluminium shells. Some minor differences in the design can be seen with bezels, where Macbook Air and previous versions of Macbook Pro have slightly slimmer bezels with comparatively smaller screen. However, the overall look remains same. 

The Air features gold colour as well besides the usual dark and light color tones as compared to the Pro with a tear-drop design which is more like a wedge. The size measurements of both these laptops are also kind of same, except of course the 15.6-inch Macbook Pro. The approximately 16-inch Pro is reluctantly heavier than the Macbook Air which weighs around 2.8 pounds. So, with Macbook Air you are getting a much portable option. 

Display: Macbook Pro & Macbook Air 

In the display factor, there’s a close sprint between the two Macbooks. Both Retina displays of these laptops have sharp and clear detailing on the display with variable colour options. But, the brightness of Macbook Pro exceeds with 485 nits in the 13-inch version and 429 nits in the 16-inch version. On the contrary, Macbook Air settles with 386 nits of brightness at maximum. The sRGB colour gamut coverage for both these is also relatively similar with very minor difference. 

Keyboard: Macbook Pro & Macbook Air 

Apple has been using the butterfly keyboard in its Macbooks for a while which wasn’t much liked by the audience and frankly wasn’t much comfortable to use. However, recently Apple switched to Magic keyboard which is great to type fluently unlike the butterfly version which had a bit too shallow keys. Pleasantly, both Macbooks now use the Magic keyboard layout for a better experience. 

Performance: Macbook Pro & Macbook Air 

There’s no suspicion in labeling the Macbook Pro the most powerful Macbook with 10th Gen core i9 processor and discrete graphics solution. The Macbook Air has slower Y-series processor that is more oriented for everyday computing tasks. The latest 16-inch Macbook incorporates core i9 with a dead-fast combination of 16GB RAM. While the Macbook Air 2020 holds core i5, which is decent enough to throw average tasks with allowance of multitasking. However when it comes to comparison the Pro does everything with double speed and scores. Even in SSD performance, the Air stays behind in speed while the 16-inch Pro takes off with much greater run. From the discrete graphics by AMD in Macbook, gaming is also much smoother with sharper visuals. 

Battery Life: Macbook Pro & Macbook Air 

The battery difference between the Pro and Air isn’t as vast but getting the point straight, the Macbook Pro stays an hour or more longer than the Air. But, we get a very good battery life with Air especially based on the price factors compared to latest Pro. You can extract 9.5 hours battery timing out of Macbook Air, while the Pro prevails for around 10.5 or 11 hours. 

Ports: Macbook Pro & Macbook Air 

The ports are not quite similar if you really checkout the collection. The Pro gets us the most ports we need for every particular use, but if you need more connectivity options then the Air wouldn’t let you have it. Subsequently, there are lesser ports in Air with only two Thunderbolt ports. The entry-level Macbook Pro also has same ports but the latest Pro definitely offers four USB C Thunderbolt ports on the both sides of the laptop. So, if you want more port connections, the latest Pro is the one to catch on. 

The Bottom Line: Value & Pricing 

When we talk about power and functionality, the Macbook Pro clearly wins it for obvious reasons. But, one has to know that it sure demands more from your pocket with its diversity and upgraded feature bag. Where you can get the Macbook Air around £1000, the Pro significantly doubles the price factor and the latest 15.4-inch Pro visibly comes in greater price. So, the choice is yours. If you are seeking a device that fulfills all your demanding commands and you are willing to pay for it with ease, then there’s not any better option than Pro itself. However, if you want to sum things up in a budget and need a decent level Macbook that doesn’t lead in speed but provides decent amount of power, the Air can be the one for you. 

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