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Know how to grow plants in small areas

You should contribute to the improvement of the environment by growing more and more plants. As you get many things from the environment, it is your moral duty to do something for the environment. Things like air conditioners, vehicles, and some other electronic gadgets increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and thus, are the reason for global warming. If you can not avoid using them, then you can at least grow more plants to maintain the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the environment. 

This would be just a lame excuse if you say that you cannot grow plants because of less space because everything is possible and growing plants in small spaces are also possible. Online shopping for indoor plants is possible with the help of which you can get all kinds of plants which you cannot get from nearby nurseries particularly for small spaces. On the internet, you can visit one website to another website and in this case, you can easily compare your products while sitting at the ease of your home. For growing plants in small areas, you should take care of the following points. 

Pots should have plates 

You should buy those pots which have plates under them and there are many available on online nurseries with matching plates. These plates are helpful in holding extra water which comes out from below the pot out of drainage holes when you pour water in these pots. These plates do not let your floor become messy. Moreover, the water will not slip to the balcony of your neighbor from the balcony of your house, if you are living in an apartment. There is one more advantage of these plates that the plants can suck back the water from these plates for the time, you forget to water your plants. You should prefer to reuse the plastic that you bring in one form or another and you can paint them if you find them unattractive. You can buy the pots online if you do not have any container of the required size. Cement and terracotta planters can be heavy and these can be broken down easily but these are good for plants. In plastic pots, the soil remains moist and these planters are easy to carry and more durable. You can choose according to your requirements. 

Buy potting mix according to the plants 

It would be more convenient for you if you purchase a potting mix for your plants when you buy plants online and this is important if you are growing plants for the first time. This can be hectic for you to buy compost, cocopeat, perlite, and river sand individually which are required for different types of plants. You would not be aware of putting their required quantity as well. This can also be difficult for you to arrange the soil for your plants if you are living in a city. You can compare the price and purchase according to your budget. Potting can be bought from any nursery near your house. 

Availability of enough sunlight 

Plants of vegetables and herbs require more sunlight that is for at least six to eight hours and there are also plants that can grow in less and no sunlight. You should grow plants keeping in mind the sunlight requirements of all plants. There should be sufficient sunlight for your edible plants, so these should be placed in areas where these can get the same. It is only under the sunlight, plants make their food using nutrients and water from plants and carbon dioxide from the air with the process of photosynthesis. 

Support your plants 

Some vegetable plants are climbers and these should be provided enough support to grow so that these should not reach any other apartment near your apartment because your neighbors can get angry with you. It is not good to occupy someone’s place even if your neighbors are not so rude. The support will help them grow in an area specified by the supporting sticks or ropes. Not only the vegetable plants but you can grow other decorative plants also by providing support to these plants which are climbers. 

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