Is Laparoscopic Surgery Right For You? Everything You Must Know

Laparoscopy is called keyhole surgery. It is a minimally invasive operation method that is the current trend in medical advancements. Many doctors and patients prefer laparoscopic surgery over the traditional operation method. But whether you are the right candidate for laparoscopy can only be decided by your doctor.

How Is Laparoscopic Surgery Done?

To perform laparoscopic surgery, the doctor will make a tiny incision for examination and operation of the inner portion of the abdominal area. The incision is generally made around the belly button.

The abdomen is then inflated so that it expands and the doctor can clearly see the internal organs. Since the instrument laparoscope is used in this surgery, it is called laparoscopic surgery.

If you want to know if this surgical method is right for you or not, then you must read the advantages and the disadvantages of this treatment.


Comfortable and Easy

Unlike the traditional method, patients feel very comfortable during the operation time in laparoscopic surgery. This operation is easily done in very little time, and the patient does not have to worry about a large incision that needs time to heal and may give rise to some other complications.

The anxiety that comes with traditional surgical treatment is absent in laparoscopy treatments.

Precise and Accurate Surgery

With the help of this surgery, doctors can perform different types of abdominal operations precisely without any mistakes. It gives accurate results, and the chance of having any post-surgery complications is rare.

Fast Recovery

Patients have to spend less time in the hospital as the recovery is speedy compared to the traditional method of surgery. The patient heals fast and gets discharged from the hospital early.

Most patients can get back home on the same day of the operation if there are no serious issues.

Reduces The Risk Of Blood Loss

Laparoscopic surgery reduces the chance of bleeding, commonly found in traditional operation. The risk of bleeding is very less because the incision made is tiny. Also, there is less chance of injuring internal organs in this method as it is done very precisely guided by computerised 3D images.

Exposure Of Internal Organ Is Absent

The risk of contaminating the internal organs by exposing them to the external environment is not present in this surgical method. Thus patients do not need to worry about post-treatment infection.


Budget Factor

The primary reason why not everyone can afford to go for laparoscopic surgery is that it is a costly treatment procedure. This surgical method requires specific equipment and advanced tools that only high-end hospitals are equipped with.

Thus the charge of these hospitals is on the higher side.

Not For All Surgeries

Another reason why this surgery is not for everyone is that it cannot be done for all types of diseases. For instance, laparoscopic surgeries are suitable for abdominal treatments and not for non-abdominal organ surgeries.

Especially, surgeries that need lengthy procedures of treatment are not suitable for laparoscopy methods.

Only after a thorough diagnosis, your doctor can tell you if laparoscopy is for you or not. You cannot understand it for yourself. So make sure you consult with a doctor to know in detail.

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