Indian E-business visa- A guide

‌What an incredible country India is!! As the seventh-largest country in the world with cultural diversity and exquisite destinations and also a window for business dealings. India offers great opportunities in forthcoming and blossoming sectors. There are some special and attractive offers for foreign businessmen so that they can avail them and can grow their business which helps them to compete with their rivals. These business opportunities can be availed by applying for an e-business visa. It helps the foreign investors who perceive to travel to India for some great business deal. E-business visa India is an official permit for foreign travelers to involve in business undertakings. It can be used for various purposes i.e. trading of goods, attending business conferences or excursions, commencing a business project, attending Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN). 

This double-entry visa allows travelers a stay of 180 days from the date of entry. These can’t be extended. To outstretch the stay consular visa is required. Adding upon, in a year maximum of two e-visas can be procured. These visa holders are supposed to enter the country through one of the designated airports or designated seaports. Through any authorized Immigration Check Posts travelers can depart from the country. For not being able to arrive or depart through designated airport or seaport then one needs to get a visa from the embassy. Government e-visa fee and visa service fee are two types of fees an applicant is charged for e-business visas. Applicants seeking e-business visas may apply no less than 4 days before arrival to India. Moreover, they are allowed to apply for a visa not more than 120 days before the date of arrival.

Important points to consider: –

  • ‌ despite age, the traveler must have his/her passport.
  • ‌the e-business visa holder must lay hold of a copy of the approved e-business visa.
  • ‌Return tickets must be there with travelers while applying for an e-business visa.
  • ‌To visit restricted areas, an e-business visa is not valid.
  • ‌Visa holders with International Travel Documents are not eligible for e-business visas.
  • ‌There must be no less than six months of validity of passport while applying for an e-business visa.
  • ‌For the stamping purpose, there is a requirement of at least two blank pages in the passport.
  • For manifestation purposes, business cards or letters are required.
  • ‌Requirements for those who are to deliver a lecture under Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN) are an invitation for the same, copy of its approval, synopsis copy.
  • ‌Passport size photograph in jpeg form with size (between 10kb -1 Mb)

Any kind of false information provided by the applicant is will have an impact on the outcome by The High Commission of India. High Commission of India outsources its work from Indian Visa Application Centre. Visa applications are accepted by them from Indian visa seekers and return them after their processing. They have the power to take decisions and their decisions are considered as the final say on behalf of the High Commission of India. There are various indian visa center in various countries who seek Indian Visas can visit these centers and can apply for an Indian visa after fulfilling all requirements. They are responsible for the accessing and processing of visas and they don’t have any personal interest in it.

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