How to Remove the Hardest Stains from Bathroom Tiles

Bathrooms Tiles are a popular trend and we all know it. The installation of tiles in a place naturally comes with a responsibility as well. This responsibility is the cleaning and maintenance of tiles to preserve them for as long as humanly possible. Clean tile alleviates the entire look of any place whereas dirty tiles only tamper with the originality of your place.

It’s a common observation that bathroom and shower tiles tend to go bad more rapidly than the tiles in the remaining place. This does not mean that your bathroom tiles are of lower quality than the remaining place or that they are more susceptible to deterioration. Several pre-existing factors tend to contribute to this. Bathrooms are more susceptible to tile deterioration and fungal generations because they are humid places constantly exposed to moisture, water and foot traffic. The variety of dirt tends to pile up over time which in turn leads to bacterial growth and mould formation. Mould and bacterial outgrowths are the cause of several health issues ranging from coughs to permanent respiratory issues. 

We know the bathroom, of all places, can be tricky to keep clean. What with all the water exposure, variety of foot traffic and temperature variations, bathrooms are an ideal place for tiles to go bad more rapidly than the remaining tiled regions. The constant usage also makes bathroom tiles more susceptible to contamination. 

No matter how frequently you clean those tiles, dirt and debris always find its way back. Not only this, but it also paves the way for mould to form and becomes a hotbed for many types of microorganisms such as harmful bacteria to breed and grow. However, we have a solution to all your tile related issues. 


There are several useful and effective remedies for bathroom tiles cleaning and grout cleaning. The most basic and domestically available is that of using bleach for cleaning tile. 

Using Bleach

Bleach comes in two types; Oxygen and Chlorine Bleach. The choice of bleach depends highly upon the type of tiles and the extent of their contamination.

Oxygen Bleach

Oxygen bleach is non-toxic and safe for the environment. An additional advantage of using this type of bleach is that it doesn’t leave your bathroom smelling like strong, pungent cleaning agents. 

Chlorine Bleach

When it comes to cleaning mould or mildew which are persistent in bathrooms more than any other region, there is no choice but to use strong chemicals. One of the best ways to clean shower tiles and rid them of mould is by using chlorine bleach, which happens to be a traditional bathroom cleaner. This strong chemical type of bleach effectively kills the source of mould and leaves your shower tiles spotless and pollutant-free. 

Bleach proves to be highly effective when it comes to extensive bathroom tiles cleaning and grout cleaning. Depending on its type and the material of surface it is applied on, it’s cleansing action leaves behind only clean bathroom grout and tiles. Moreover, it also acts on mould and eradicates it.

Some other ways to remove the hardest stains from bathroom tiles are following;



DIY tips and tricks are only one click away, and their mutual purpose is to enable homemakers to carry out bathroom tile and grout cleaning without resorting to expensive and time-consuming measures.


Daily cleaning routine does help in maintaining clean bathroom grout and tiles, however, there are some stains either from water or from the filth that gain resistance over time and eventually become permanent. These permanent stains pose the real challenge in cleaning tiles. Moreover, the areas which are usually inaccessible by humans are the famous sites for filth and mould gathering. We know all this does not paint a pretty picture, but that is exactly why GroutExpert does what it does; to alleviate your worries. 

Our highly trained team of professionals’ area of expertise is cleaning tiles. The hardest of stains on bathroom tiles are surely challenging, but with our necessary knowledge and choice of cleaning products, we only leave your place with clean bathroom grout and tile.


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