How to Nail the Best Video Game Birthday Party for Kids

Most kids today love hard-core gaming. It’s true, just give them NBA 2K or God of War and you won’t see them for hours. If your kid’s birthday is approaching, you need to get your game on with these amazing video game birthday party ideas that’ll help you gamer level up. 

Whether your kid is into PlayStation or Xbox, Wii or Nintendo Switch, we’ve come up with a list of great ideas that will help you throw the best video game-themed birthday party ever. 

Decorating the Food 

The foods should focus on munchies such as some sweet, salty, and of course, with a sprinkle of healthy stuff. You want to make sure that you incorporate the leading party colour of green. You can try jalapeno chips, cupcakes covered in green icing and tasty grapes. You may also serve green-coloured juice which we are sure that it won’t last long. Don’t forget to decorate the tables with a simple white tablecloth and a hint of green-and white-striped fabric.

Embellish the Game Table 

Utilize an artificial grass roll to produce a table runner and placemats. You can lay these out in a pixel pattern, same to the shape of the creeper most Minecraft fans are more acquainted with. Just make the most of your child’s love of gaming. Get your controllers and place them on the table as a centrepiece and don’t forget your collectable gaming toys as garnishing elements on the table. 

Have the Main Attraction 

If you want to win the hearts of the children, think of the perfect activity for the kids to do at a video game party. There are some various companies that will let you rent an entire game truck to roll up and take your gamer birthday party to a more exciting level. 

Keep the Energy Going

The kids will certainly get hungry with all that gaming, so be ready to serve snacks for them to munch on so they can maintain their power levels up. Prepare mini candy bars and chocolate kisses decorated with gamer-themed stickers. You can also provide the party-goers with mini candy bars and chocolate kisses decorated with gamer-themed stickers. Give the party-goers the birthday kid’s other favourite candies, but stick with grab-and-go options that’ll be not difficult to chow down on while they’re waiting for their next to play. 

Make a Pinata

A kid’s party won’t be complete if the fun doesn’t continue! Keep the fun going with a supply drop for the kids in the form of a pinata filled with lots of candy and prices. We highly suggest making a loot llama since it’s one of the most notable elements from Fortnite. To do this, you need to remove the tassels and fringes first, then paint the llama purple. Then get a card stock to create the new layers of fringe around the llama’s body. Use a brown paper bag to create the saddle. Lastly, cut out a new eye and mouth to give the llama the startled look it’s known for. 

Do a Fornite Birthday Party Theme 

Looks like Fortnite is still the hottest game for three years, this is why it’s not a surprise that it’s the most popular birthday party theme for 2020. There’s an awesome variety of Fortnite party decorations available in the market, along with plenty of ideas for games, snacks, and party favours. This is super perfect if your kid is a big fan and a player of this game!

Set a Photo Booth

Of course, a birthday won’t be complete without having a photo booth to remember the day. It would be much easier to capture some fun memories with a photobooth. 

You’ll only need a cheap tablecloth taped to a wall, several balloons and props. Very easy, right? And if they’re old enough for social media, they can create a unique hashtag for the party so the children can easily find and share all their photos after the party. 

Give Awesome Favors 

Every birthday party has to do some effort when providing party favours for everyone who came. You may want to go with sweets, by creating an edible Xbox remote and some green candies. Nothing tells I love you somewhat like a sugar rush. Never let your guests go empty-handed. You can also have a game-themed gift bags ready for the kids to easily carry their candies and prizes. 

Author Bio: Ivandrea Ollero is a daytime writer for Superheroes Kids Party Entertainment, a Sydney-based company that offers the best kids party entertainment and a fully-tailored show with kids party entertainers and characters to choose from. She is also a content crafter who researches and writes custom content about travel, fashion, finance, business, home improvements, health, and beauty, in order to provide helpful information and tips for her readers. Ivandrea graduated from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2016.

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