Feel Magical Planning Your First Date On Valentine’s Day

Are you obsessed with someone and planning for a first date? Hang on; postpone your date if the most romantic day of the year is nearby. If you want an appealing first date, then schedule it to the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

What would be a better date than the day of love to welcome his/her infatuation? The atmosphere is surrounded with red heart-shaped balloons hanging on various shops, strolling lovebirds everywhere holding their partner’s hand, the breath of fragrant Valentine’s Day bouquet creates a magical environment.

On this day, everyone tries to float on the love air. Then why not choose this day as the foundation of your sweet love story.

Do you need some inspiration about how to make your first date a spellbinding memory on 14th February? Then here are some tips for you to have a great first date on Valentine’s Day.

Start With Coffee

A hot cup of coffee on a cold day or cold coffee on hot days, both sound wow. So take him/her to a café and order two cups of heart-shape art latte.

This would be a lovely start as you will be able to start the basic conversation and take his/her opinion about how he/she wants to move on this day.

Don’t forget bestowing a lovely hand-arranged bouquet. No special moment can go on without flowers and Valentine’s Day absolutely can’t.

Arrange to have these blooms at the right moment asking your florist to send flowers to Delhi in advance based on the preferred time of meeting your date. Offer the flowers as he/she comes. Show this decent gesture to create a nice first impression.

Go for a Movie

Valentine’s Day is a big day for the silver screen also. Thus, you will have manifold choices of romantic movies to see. Take your gal/guy to a comic light-hearted movie. This would give both of you enough time to laugh, enjoy together, and give you the chance to get closer.

Don’t want to wander everywhere with the large bouquet? 

You may choose to send a card inviting your girlfriend through online valentines flower delivery at midnight. This is another way to propose someone for a date. If you have already sent a card and roses, there is no need to give them again when you two meet. You can then give something else that is also easy to carry as you travel.

Visit an Amusement Park

On this day of the year, it is amazing to visit an amusement park. These places are mostly thronged with couples all around creating the ultimate atmosphere for romance. While love is all around, don’t try to get closer to your date unless the other person shows an interest.

Do something that is a Common Interest

Are you in communication for quite some time now? Well, in this age of social media, people chat a lot before meeting on a date.

This also gives an idea about the person with whom we consider starting a relationship. If you have been in communication for a long time, it is possible to get an idea about the person’s likes, passion, hobbies, etc.

For instance, if your girlfriend takes an interest in history, visit a museum together and have some conversation that is of interest to both of you.

Want to give a sweet surprise when travelling way back home?

It is always a nice gesture to drop your girlfriend to her home in the evening. If you are thinking of giving a parting surprise and did not give the Valentine’s Day presents throughout the day or at midnight, then consider ordering the gifts in the evening.

Don’t worry, the portals offering flower delivery in India are always there to send your gifts to anywhere in the country at your preferred receiving time.

Relish the Rich Taste of Street Food

While you two wait for the gifts to arrive, it is worthwhile to have some street food. Everyone loves to savour the delightful Pani puris, egg rolls, and an endless list of mouthwatering cuisine. Enjoy the large bites and your gifts will arrive in a short time.

Ordering Online Gifts for Your Valentine’s Day Date   

Did not find the right flowers for Valentine’s Day? Just visit an online florist and select the desired arrangement to find out how to send a bunch of flowers online in Bangalore. It’s easy, as you follow the instructions on the screen during the checkout, to buy blossoms at a florist portal.

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