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How to check accuracy of a Glucose Meter?

If yes then this article is for you. You’ll get to know whether your glucose meter gives you accurate value or gives you a false measure every time when you check your glucose.

What is a glucose meter ?

First let’s see what a glucose meter is, in simple words it is a device to measure glucose in your sugar. It can be in the form of a strip or a digital meter. 

A strip is dipped into a substance and then measured on a chart, it may be useful but cannot be accurate or somewhat accurate.

A digital meter exactly opposite of the strip. A meter can show measures which can be accurate or somewhat accurate.

What work does a glucose meter do?

Basic work of a glucose meter is to measure glucose in the blood sugar, not only it just measures blood sugar but also due to measurement we come to know how much insulin we have to inject in our body to control our blood sugar.

Like you cannot just inject any amount of insulin in your body, you should probably know how much blood sugar you have. According to that only you’ll inject glucose in your body.

So, the glucose meter does just more than measuring your blood sugar, hence it is important to use the meter which shows accurate to a somewhat accurate measure of blood sugar if you don’t want to visit the doctors and don’t want to spend lots of money behind your blood sugar. So choose wisely before purchasing any glucose meter.


You cannot check the accuracy of the glucose meter. Like any meter, the most expensive meter will also not give you the exact results of the level of your blood sugar. 

There are a number of glucose meters available in the market to get. It is mandatory for all the meters to meet the minimum standards which are set by the FDA of the USA, this are based on the standards of the (ISO) International Organization for Standardization.

Accuracy can be measured through mean absolute relative difference, It is commonly known as Mard. It is not the only one method to calculate mard but it is pretty reliable and gives the closest accurate value. Mard is the most common method which is used to measure accuracy.

Mard probably means more accurate. There are some standards which manufacturers have to meet before making any glucose meter; these standards are set by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO). International Organization of Standardization measures glucose accuracy as a range between the two numbers.

Following is the pattern of measurement of the International Organization of Standardization to measure blood sugar through glucose meter.

  • If your blood sugar shows 100mg/dL than your actual glucose could result in between 80 and 120
  • If your blood sugar comes to be 200mg/dL than your actual glucose can be in between 160 and 240
  • If your blood sugar comes to be 300mg/dL than your actual glucose can be in between 240 and 360
  • If your blood sugar comes to be 400mg/dL than your actual glucose can be in between 320 and 480

Above are some of the accurate measures which lie between the minimum and maximum number if your sugar level is some number. The margin of number increases or decreases as the glucose increases or decreases in your body. 

Now you’ll be probably wondering that your glucose meter is giving you the false measurement, actually, it is not because meters have margin of errors too. They will just show you a number through which you can expect that whether your glucose is high or low. 

Not all meters show an accurate or close to accurate value. You will be surprised to know that in 2017 diabetes technology societyhad done a study on 18 meters which are approved by FDA out of which only 6 meters recorded glucose level as constantly as laboratory tested them after the manufacturing. There are only some accurate and consistent meters which shows close to an accurate value.

That meters are as follows:-


Above are two meters which are one of the best you can use for your glucose check. 

From 2016 MAY new standards are being set and implemented by ISO to make sure that meters give accurate value, it is said by ISO that meters need to give 95% accurate value.

Hope now you are clear regarding the accuracy of your glucose meter. If your meter does not give correct value or it gives erroneous values than change it today itself in order to keep yourself healthy. As level of insulin to be taken for blood sugar depends on the value of glucose meter, be wise and use a standard and meter. Common Ayurvedic herbs to use regularly.

Hope you’ve found this article helpful.

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