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How Face Detection Technology Is Dealing With Pros and Cons

Face Detection Technology

Yeah, it sounds so cool to have face-detection cameras or other gadgets. Have you ever thought about the relative pros and cons? Please don’t say that you didn’t know about this because, if you think that technology has no cons then you are walking on the wrong path.

The face detection app is found to have both; advantages and disadvantages. Don’t worry, it’s not that scary. But you surely need to know its benefits and threats before using it.

Let’s start the chain. We will like to discuss its cons first so that you can keep calm with the benefits in the end.


Invades the Privacy

Where we think that face recognition technology is the best source of privacy, on the same side we often forget to understand that this same technology often threatens privacy. I would be wondering how is that possible? Well, anyone could track down your routine along with the alignment of timings.

Suppose to pass that bridge daily at 7 am to reach your office. Well, let me tell you that the officers and surveillance members are very well aware of your daily routine and oh, they can easily track down you and your activities.

It might take a lot to accept but the fact is that where this tech provides you a secured environment on the same side, it is enough to invade your privacy.

Unreliable at a Times 

Not each thing that glitters is a bar of gold. In many criminal cases, investigators only rely on the footages collected by the face recognition gadgets. Well if you think that this works as the best thing in crimes then no. many times situations are not as same as it seems.

Yes, where people (investigators) could rely on this one thing on the same side, it completely unreliable. Often, the footage is not clear and due to this reason, investigators get confused between the collected footage and actual face. This situation leads to a mess and creates misunderstanding.

Several cases later declared that the officers arrested a wrong person and this misunderstanding created due to that blurred image. So yes this happens and it could create hurdles for anyone.

Huge Data Storage 

The more advanced technology will be, the more storage it will take. If you need perfect results then you need to fulfill the required data storage. Now, this is another flaw to which many of us do not count on but, imagine giving up your all just to fill the needed data storage.

Many businesses aim to install this high-tech gadget to secure their operations and to create a secure environment. We are sorry but if you are running your business on a small scale then you might be able to get your hands on this.

It requires plenty of resources that you do not have. This could be the biggest problem for you. We know you will be hating this fact but it’s true. For more information, few platforms are offering HND assignment help. The similar mediums are helping in understanding technological revolution in detail too. Feel free to take help.

Impartial Decisions 

This disadvantage is more heart wrenching than just being a technical flaw. It has found that the facial recognition of people is mostly done based on their color, gender or ethnicity. This act of recognition often leads to creating an impartial environment.

The concept has been created in the mind of people that facial recognition is not good at recognizing people, based on different characteristics. Well, let me tell you that it’s completely wrong. The investigators just need to put specific data to mark a line of differences.

However, many of the investigators do this and then the monthly reports are created on which people make different claims. For instance, a report stated that black people are more involved in the crime than white people and this results in creating ethnicity issues or impartial decisions.


High-Security Alert 

At the places where there are face recognition gadgets are installed people stay high alert. For instance, if someone is planning to commit a crime then the individual would get cautious or might change the decision due to the installation of security cameras.

On the same side, it helps cops to identify criminals easily. There are many cases where the investigators caught criminals due to the face recognition facility.

In line with this, often the cases of harassment or violence are caught with the help of this face recognition tool. Yes, it doesn’t wonder when it comes to catching the criminals. Even the option of face recognition help individuals in keeping their phones safe and secure.

Quick Handling 

The gadgets of face recognition are made these high-tech features and it makes the process of recognition quick and easy. There was when people had to wait for the hard copies to get the clue but now, it could be done within the meantime.

Similarly, mobile phone users do not have to put their code on and off or need to draw the pattern. And oh, how can we forget about waiting for so long because you made a typing error. No, just put your phone in front of the face and there you go.

Easy to Integrate 

All the firms that offer public services like diploma assignment writing service and do clients dealing daily. Yes, of course, you have a huge risk of threats or any other type of inconvenience. For all such types of people, the facility of face recognition has made it easy to keep capturing all the activities or to keep an eye of an eagle on everyone.

So now, no one could cheat on you neither people could feel free to do anything because they know you can find out the culprit just within the seconds. It sounds a great idea and yes, it works perfectly too.

Please do not get worried. Since, where there are pros there are cons too. So, just relax and enjoy the perks of living in this era, full of convenience and tech. All you need to do is, be careful and wise with your use of tech.


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