How can a Mobile CMMS help in Maintenance Management?

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) is considered to be one of the most powerful tools of maintenance management for predictive maintenance, work orders, getting access to real-time information, inventory management and much more. Without CMMS, maintenance managers’ jobs can be quite challenging by keeping a track of numerous activities. Many CMMS solutions serve as Software as a Service (SaaS) also known as cloud-based. These cloud-based CMMS are convenient and offer many mobile apps for mobile devices and Smartphones. 

These Mobile CMMS has a lot of features to offer for Maintenance Management;

Inventory Management 

With Mobile CMMS now you can control the inventory and its counts at one place. Moreover, those parts that are already in use or needed for use immediately can be updated. Using bar code scanners technicians can use their mobile device cameras and scan code from the parts and take it instantly from online inventory. In no time you can have access to the instantly required machine parts so any halts in the production can be minimized. 

Work Orders Management

This work orders management, with the use of mobile CMMS maintenance management software can be easily accessed through smartphones and other mobile devices. Workers and technicians can retrieve SOP’s necessary to perform their jobs. With work orders management features, performance monitoring and tasks assessment can be done and as in the case of any discrepancy, the one who is responsible for particular activity can be easily identified. 

Be Proactive with Predictive Maintenance 

Not being proactive results in reactive and unplanned maintenance that further leads to incur more downtime costs. Therefore, with Mobile CMMS it has now become easier to predict asset breakdowns before they occur and reduces unplanned breakdowns and eventually resulted maintenance. Predictive maintenance improves asset reliability by improving asset condition and determining suitability for downtime and repairs.  

Through preventive maintenance features now it is possible to attain total asset visibility with IoT integration that helps in real-time data collection, analysis, and immediate corrective action by integrating IoT sensors with your assets.

Share maintenance reports with upper management 

To increase the visibility of maintenance operations and reduce the gap between the execution team and top management, it is a good idea to run maintenance reports from work orders to task completion to activity and compliance reports. Top management can keep a track of active workers and their performance, thus closely monitoring performance management and to keep a check on overall productivity. 

With active alerts and notifications, it is easier to keep yourself updated before any critical issue arises.

Computerized maintenance management software CMMS have worked wonders for the business operations in the manufacturing industry. Maintenance management since its inception has been progressively adapting and with the latest trends in technology CMMS has proved to offer a variety of features in one software maintenance management solution. Gone are the days of using spreadsheets, post-it notes, and your own memory to keep track of your maintenance program. Therefore, whatever your maintenance department’s milestones are, CMMS software has the potential to push you closer to them, and get desired results.

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