Homemade Shampoos That Can Remove Fleas Fast!

There are so many types of dog shampoo and you can even find one that is not that expensive, natural and not that harsh when it comes to cleaning and making your pet healthy.  Dogs need regular bath even those that do not shed because it gets rid of fleas fast too.  You have to be careful, though, with regards to the shampoo that you will use.  Most shampoos sold commercially may sound and look very effective, but they can also cause flaking and itching to pets.  Most dog shampoos have PEG or Polyethylene Glycol.  This chemical can remove that natural moisture from the dog’s skin.  In addition, some shampoos also have SLES or  Sodium Laureth Sulfate and SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and these ingredients are being connected to skin irritation, diarrhea, and even eye damage.  To know more about how to remove fleas, go to How to Get Rid of Fleas Fast? The Complete Guide by pestwiki

There are dogs that are more acidic compared to others so skin PH can be very tricky.  Each has its own unique ph level in their skin.  A soap made for humans has its own level of ph too.  A normal dog has about 6 to ph level and a normal human being has around 4-6 ph level.  This means that soap with a low ph level can irritate the skin.  If you want to make a homemade shampoo for your dog, go for ingredients that have a 7ph level.  You can see the ph level of soaps on their label, so make sure that you check them before buying.

The PH levels of some items that we use in the kitchen are these:

Baking soda has 8.2 alkaline, lemon juice has 2 acids, vinegar has 2.1 acids and water has 7 neutral, this means it is neither alkaline nor acidic.

Learning the PH level of these ingredients will help us balance the level of substances when making homemade shampoo.  For instance, you may combine ingredients like vinegar and baking soda in a neutral base such as water so that your shampoo is pH balanced according to your dog’s skin.  Too acidic can cause irritation and too much alkaline is not a problem.

Making a Homemade Shampoo

For deep dog cleaning, you may use glycerin bubbly shampoo and vinegar.  Combine two cups of apple cider vinegar and organic dish soap with 7 to 8 pH.  Add four cups of water.  Add 4 ounce of vegetable glycerin to the mixture.  Shake well each time you need to use it.

Do not use dish soap with a strong odour or strong additives.  Check the label for words like “clear,” or “free.”

Homemade Bath Soap

Using the kitchen grater shred an unscented castile soap until you can make around three teaspoons of it. Mix it with 4 cups of hot water.  Use a whisk to mix them and continue until you don’t see any more traces of soap.  Add one cup of apple cider vinegar.  Shake well each time you use it.  This soap will last a long time because it generously lathers and it also helps in removing ticks and fleas.  It has a pH level of 8. To know more about how to remove fleas, go to How to Get Rid of Fleas Fast? The Complete Guide by pestwiki

Rosemary Conditioner

Combine fresh rosemary and four cups of water.  Boil it and allow cooling for ten minutes.  Use a strainer to remove pieces of rosemary.  After bathing your dog pour some rosemary condition over its coat and this will help her coat become shiny and soft.

Baking Soda

If you don’t have time bathing your dog, get a half a cup of dry baking soda and spread it all over your dog. Avoid the face so he won’t be able to breathe it and also avoid the eyes.  Rub it all over his body and brush his coat, this will help remove the stinky odor from your dog.  It should not irritate his skin.

Green Bath

First, you have to wet the dog and then lather his body.  Make you scrub his entire body, legs and in between his toes. Avoid the face; you can just clean his face using a damp cloth later.

Towel Dry

Don’t use a hairdryer to dry your dog because it can dry his skin out and a hairdryer is for humans, not dogs.

It is better just bathe your pets at home because the groomer will just waste so much electricity, so much water and use toxic shampoo and conditioner.

 Coconut oil

Coconut oil is best for dog whether it is used inside our outside.  It is also good for those with allergies or dogs with sensitive skin. It can be added to his food to help boost his immune system.  It will also improve his digestion, energy level and as well as his coat.  It can also be mixed with the homemade conditioner to make a dog’s coat smooth and glossy. It also helps in removing ticks and fleas To know more on how to remove fleas, go to How to Get Rid of Fleas Fast? The Complete Guide by pestwiki

 Basic Conditioner Formula

To make basic conditioner, mix two tablespoon coconut oil to ground oatmeal of about ¼ cup.  Add ¼ cup of warm water and one tablespoon of honey.  Mix all these ingredients in a container and shake very well.  It is ready to use, but if you want to smell nice you can put some drops of essential oils. You may use lemon oil to help get rid of ticks and fleas.  Put this mixture all over your dog’s body after using his shampoo.  Let it stay for two minutes and then rinse well.

To Rinse Coat

To make a light conditioner to rinse the coat, combine dried or fresh rosemary to two cups of water.  Rosemary is known to have an effective conditioning power and also repels ticks and fleas.  You need to boil the water and then add dried or fresh rosemary.  Once it cools down strain the leaves from the mixture and use it to your dog after shampooing. Rub the mixture well on his body and you can let it stay on his coat to dry.  There is no need to rinse it.  To know more about how to remove fleas, go to How to Get Rid of Fleas Fast? The Complete Guide by Pestwiki

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