Health & Safety Training Courses in United Kingdom

As many companies do not employ their own health and safety specialist, they sometimes fail to meet the necessary standards required to comply with the law. Intelle Learn Training and Advisory Services Limited has recognized this and provides a health and safety service (competent person) for a large number of companies.

These services include:

• Design and development of security policies

• Risk assessment – development advice

• Noise survey and audiometric testing (see page 9)

• dust survey

• Safety Training Program

• On-site security personnel

• security audit

• Development of security management systems

Risk assessment and survey

Intelle Learn employs a number of competent security advisors who are available to provide services including risk assessment, survey, departmental and full site safety audits. A full report is provided with appropriate recommendations. If necessary, audio-visual aids can be used to identify potential hazards. This is most useful if the survey is used in conjunction with safety training courses.

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