Eight Types of Writers and What They Write

Writing is a vast field. It has millions of writers working one way or the other for multiple professions. Most importantly, one does not have to be a full-time writer to write or become a famous writer, writing can always be done in multiple ways, you can do it as a hobby, as a passion, as a job, or as a profession, it is all up to you and your preferences.

For the people who think that writing is maybe not a high earning profession, they need correction because writing is a high-income skill and the writers with the best skills earn in millions. They make huge revenues in their writings; it is, of course, their efforts but also the value of the profession that gives them the opportunity to earn a high amount of money.

If you want to know more about writers and what they do then continue reading this piece where you are going to know about eight types of writers and what they write.

  1. Novelists

Novelists are the most famous among writers. They write and create fantasies for people to read and divert their minds from the real world to get an escape and feel the comfort of fiction. They turn unique ideas into writing and the best part about this job is that you do not have any limitations at all, whatever you feel like, you can put it in words and create magic.

  1. Ghostwriters

Ghostwriters are the coolest of all; they write content for almost anything and stay undercover like a ghost. They do not come in front of the world or mark their name but they make sure to charge a whopping amount for their writings. You pay them and they write for you without claiming the content that is a fair deal.

  1. Short Story Writer

Short story writers are extremely creative. They have the talent to write short stories that entice the attention of the reader and triggers them to think out of the box. In addition, the stories are short so that you do not have to wait much for the climax and you like it all instantly. They charge quite a good amount of money for all the work they do. After all, coming up with a new story every time requires time and effort.

  1. Wikipedia Writers

Wikipedia writers are also a well-known source of writing for people. They write content for Wikipedia pages. They edit the content as well as the page needs. The content they write is creative, unique, and differentiates the page from the competitors. Wikipedia writers are the ultimate need for business and professional pages.

  1. Copywriters

Copywriters are marketers. They write content to attract the audience to your business and they claim that their content will have a higher conversion rate, which means when the reader reads the content, he/she will surely make purchases from the business. They charge thousands of dollars for a single copy they write, however, their content does make a business earn in millions.

  1. Play writer

Play writers are magic creators. They write plays in an effective and magical way. The job is to write and think of different stories for different plays. Along with the story and idea, a play writer is required to write to dialogue for each character, describe each character completely, and add value to the existence of every character by giving them content to deliver.

  1. Research Writers/ Researchers

Research writers are the ones who identify an issue in the society or market. They conduct research on a particular topic to either find out the reasons for a problem or situation or to fill the gap present in the market. Their writings take a lot of time and it is usually in their own interest that they conduct researches.

  1. Article/Blog Writer

These are the most common type of writers and you can find them anywhere. They write creative and attractive blogs and articles for people to read and gain knowledge or information. They usually charge according to words but the payment varies from writer to writer and content to content. The rates usually start from 10 dollars and go as high as you can think of.

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