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Effects of Coronavirus in the International Immigrants

I hope everyone is aware of nowadays what is happening in the world. I hope you have listened to coronavirus or COVID 19. Some people think this is the end of the world or some people think it is for the people’s sins. But everyone wants to end this. Because mostly all of the countries are affected by this virus. Nearly 20,000 people are affected all over the world but still, some are in pending list researchers tested them but they are waiting for the result.

Coronavirus started in china and nearly 90000 people are infected due to this virus and some of them are dead. But still, there is not any vaccine to cure this virus. Everyone is worried about this virus. Now everyone country thinks people should stay away from each other they should cancel all of their gatherings like parties, weddings or something else.

Locked Down / Curfew:

Every country is about to lockdown. They want people should stay at home because of this very dangerous type of virus. It spreads from person to person if someone is affected by this virus if that person is in contact with anyone then there are chances to transfer of the virus from an infected person to the normal person due to this reason every country is lockdown and people should follow instruction.

Due to the spreading of viruses from person to person people travel from one country to another country due to this reason it has spread all over the world. Nowadays many countries have banned flights and express entry programs or closed travel routes so that people cannot travel. But most of the people are in another country for some purposes like some are for education, some are for work or anything else due to this reason government not allow them to live there they make them out of the country by saying go back to your this is also the reason for this virus spreading.

Tips for Coronavirus Prevention

Stay aware of the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak, the latest updates are available on the WHO website and also WHO creates some WhatsApp groups for the latest information about COVID-19. Most people who infected have some type of illness like flu, cough, fever and also some other factors but when people know at the early stage most probably they can recover but they should take care of themselves and also protect others. Here are some tips to avoid COVID-19.

Wash Your Hands:

Wash your hands frequently in every 5 or 10 minutes with a product containing alcohol.

Cover Your Mouth, Nose at the Time of Sneezing or Coughing:

When you sneeze or cough you need to cover your mouth or nose with tissue paper or any paper then throw that paper in the dustbin:

Maintain Social Distance:

First, you need to isolate yourself in the home. But if you are going out you need to keep a distance from another minimum of 2 meters of a distance you should keep from others.

Effects of Coronavirus in the International Immigrations:

Coronavirus pandemic is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease in 2020. Which effects mostly all over the world. Maybe there are some fortunate countries who are not affected by this disease or some countries have become successful to overcome this disease like China where this disease generated now only China is the only country that fought to this disease and gets successful results and now is free from coronavirus.

Spreading of coronavirus is far-reaching and will particularly affect some communities like old age. Those who have some type of disease like the weaker immune system, kidney failure, cancer, Blood pressure, and many other related diseases.

Effect of the Coronavirus on Legal Immigrants:

Documented immigrants are in some pressure due to some changes in policies like obtaining professional work visas and never before seen delays in adjudicating cases at citizenship and immigration services.

Immigrants who are traveled to another country for any reason. Like if they are there for study reasons or for any job or professional reason. Now every country decided to deport them until this pandemic ends. Because every country in fear of this pandemic they are thinking maybe this person can harm most of the people. So they are deciding to send them back to their home country.

I hope you know the situation of Italy, Iran and some other countries who are more affected by this pandemic. So they have to decide to send the people who are not from their country. They are sending them back to the country where they are originally related.

If you are an international immigrant and you are coming from another country. Then you need to keep yourself isolated for 14 days otherwise you have to pay fine.

Travel Restrictions:

Every country closed their travel routes like flights or any other travel-related things. Because If an infected person travels from one city to another or from one country to another country. He/she can affect most people around him/her.


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