Easy availability of multi cuisines through online services in train

Easy availability of multi cuisines through online services in train

Getting food according to your taste and requirement is not a difficult job nowadays during the train journey. Many online catering services serve you hot and healthy food at your seat. The food is ordered online through the websites. The person needs to enter PNR number, train number or train name on the online websites. The station is chosen where a person needs the delivery of food. The food is selected from the vendor menu. The person has the option of selecting the restaurant and food from the respective restaurant. The amount of food is filled in the option provided on the website.

These online catering services have earned a huge reputation in delivering food for train journey among the passengers because of many factors

  1. Coverage- the online catering services have covered almost all the stations where they are providing their services.
  2. State of art services- the online catering services provides food to their passengers irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. They are provided food according to their taste and requirement. There is a special service provided by these online catering services like they provide food according to the special day you are traveling. The food could be selected from the menu to celebrate friendship day, Independence Day and even a festival.
  3. Cater for special food preferences- the food choice is unlimited on the menu. The food is delivered according to the need as a specific caste demands Jain food that is cooked without onion and garlic. There is an option of diet food that is a requirement of weight-conscious passengers. The diabetic patients have a special option of food that is devoid of extra sugar. The food is cooked in less oil and fat. The patients suffering from high blood pressure have an option of food which has less salt.
  4. Delivery of food for group travelers and all transports – the food delivered through online catering services are available for any number of people traveling to the destination. The person has to fill the number required in the amount section and you are served the best food packed according to your choice.

There is an option of canceling your order which is very convenient. If you cancel your order 24 hours before your delivery time then ten percent of administrative fees are deducted from the amount and the rest is credited to your payment option in 5 – 7 working days. If you wish to cancel the order just one hour before the delivery time, then 25 percent is deducted as administrative charge from the total amount. If the train is delayed by few hours you need not worry as the catering services keep track of the running status of the train by the information provided by you on the website.

You can even call on the given phone number for canceling the order by giving the reason for your cancellation. The money is refunded and credited to your account easily and conveniently. You have the option of tracking your foodservice too. There is an option of delivering food to the passengers whose seats are not confirmed. They have an option of the RAC passenger field on the respective website.

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