The Easiest 5 Ways To Motivate Your Employee Base

Employee engagement and motivation has always been a top priority in the corporate world. It doesn’t only benefit the workforce but also works in favor of the organization, accounting for employee performance and productivity enhancement. For this reason, employers spend a great deal of time and energy looking for strategies to keep the working members in their best mood and state so that the output is also up to the mark. Now, it could be something as small as a verbal/ written appreciation or a public round of applause to boost employee confidence. The result has to be driven only by the idea of an energized work environment and the maximum workforce efficiency.

There could be 100 ways to momentarily get your staff in high spirits and enthusiasm, but these 6 sure-shot tips can help you sustain the effects of motivation for a long time: 

Make Work Fun And Games

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Abiding by the same proverb, employers should focus on maintaining an equilibrium between work and fun in the firm. To break the monotony and give your employees a breather, conduct some recreational activities now and then. Call it a “Fun Friday” to organize games and small get-togethers every week or plan monthly/ yearly trips and getaways to keep the excitement alive.

Ideas to Celebrate Holi in Office 

Organize Motivational Speeches

Sometimes, a little push is required to make someone win the race. Similarly, you can make efforts to inspire or prompt your workforce to work harder by hiring an advisor, sharing inspirational stories or arranging in-house influential programs. You can call motivational speakers to the workplace or create and deliver presentations in the office to put things in perspective for the employees.

Engage In Employee Benefits & Compensation

Every day we hear about the innumerable benefits that employers provide their human resources with. What are these benefits and compensations for? Employee Motivation, Engagement and Retention is the answer! Government schemes such as EPF, ESI, and Gratuity are laid only to keep the employee base motivated. So, you can also introduce such plans in your organization and educate employees on relevant topics including online PF withdrawal, gratuity calculation formula, and ESI contribution rate to make things clearer. Moreover, rewards and recognition is the unrivaled king of motivation programs.

Live Or Frequent Report Sharing

Healthy competition is a must to keep the thrill for work going in a workspace. What you can do is update and share the scorecard via personal emails daily so that every employee knows his/ her live-work status. You might as well make the numbers public so that they strive to grab the top position for securing mass recognition and appreciation. The other way is to organize little daily/ weekly contests and prepare a scoreboard to announce the winners for the same. This motivation strategy works best!                 

Connect On A Personal Level

Odd as it may sound, bosses and subordinates can be friends too! So, last but certainly not the least priority is given to forming and strengthening personal bonds within the team. You can extend support to the employees by assisting them in private affairs and help them get out of situations that are hampering their work progress. It is a fact that people listen to those whom they connect on a personal level. So go on and chat around to know your employees better.

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