DIY Tips to Shoot Baby Photos Like A Pro

When a newborn arrives in a family, it is an occasion of celebration for the entire family. Parents and other family members always want to take photos of the newborn to create unique memories. It is a common trend to hire a professional photographer to shoot the photos of the newborn. However, now people love to take photos of their babies themselves and experiment with different ideas.

It is always best to hire a professional photographer for newborn photography. However, if you prefer taking some shots yourself, you can follow the professional tips. Here are several tricks and ideas to help you take beautiful photos of your newborn baby and make the process stress-free.

Take photos within the first two weeks

If two weeks have already passed and you have not yet taken photos of the newborn, it may be too late, and the results may not be satisfactory. The first ten days are the best period for photoshoot because subsequent newborns are more restless during sleep. All babies vary; however, it is still recommended to take a picture for two weeks when newborns sleep soundly and respond better.

Find nice accessories

You don’t need to buy expensive accessories when taking photos of newborns. You can use different props and accessories and see the adorable things. Baskets, soft clothes, hats, bands, blankets, and cute clothes are considerable. You can also use a cotton towel for the background that also makes the baby feel cozy. Please note that the material of props or accessories should not harm the newborn. Stick with cotton, wool, or paper.

Take photos in natural light.

The best DIY photography light for newborns is natural; it comes from a bright window with so much sunlight. For qualitative shots, the light must fall on a newborn’s face at a 45-degree angle. During the “Golden Hour” (early morning or afternoon), not in the middle of the day when there is intense sunshine.

Choose a location or area with lots of natural light to guarantee the best newborn photos. In case there is no window or adequate space available near the window, you can use an external flashlight or a diffuser to fill in any dark spots.

Safety and comfort

One of the essential tips for newborn photography to remember is to consider the safety and comfort of the newborn. If the child feels uncomfortable, he shows the restless movements and may also cry during the photoshoot.

Placing the child on unstable or high unsupported surfaces is not appropriate. To ensure your setup is on the floor, it’s best to make sure the newborn isn’t tipped over by anything.

Keep the environment warm.

The use of some kind of heating device is the most important piece of advice for newborn photography. During the past nine months, a child spends all his time in warm and pleasant environment. If you keep the baby warm, it makes your job a lot easier.

The key to newborn photography at this age is to keep your baby asleep so you can keep him/her in exact position as you want. Placing an electric blanket under the child or placing a heater over them will dry out.

Choose the correct camera settings

Being a newborn photographer means speeding up because the baby can sleep for one moment and cry at another. With that said, you should select a fast shutter speed of at least 1/500.

If you want to get a soft and blurry background, open the aperture fully. You should keep the ISO high, and the aperture to f/5.6 is a good start to ensure that you will capture sharp photos.

The Background

A simple background is better for newborn photography because it focuses on the baby rather than the other elements. Prepare a white, beige, or gray fabric and place it on a sofa or floor to create a simple and sober background.

Angles and perspective

You will have a challenging time when you take your favorite photos because of the child’s position. Of course, you can always try to change the settings and change the position of the baby.

However, try to eliminate multiple focuses before moving on to a new background or pose. Move around and shoot from different angles to get the most out of your current settings. Using the same pose, take a good photo from above while the other is at eye level. In this way, it will be easier for you to get different types of shots in the same pose.

Final Words

These are some tips to shoot baby photos like a pro. As you know, as these pro tips, you can use them to take awesome photos of your baby. However, if you are not confident enough to take the photos, you can always hire a professional.

People located in or around Sydney can hire a newborn photographer to take professional baby photos Sydney at their home.  Following these tips can help new parents to shoot high-quality photos of their newborn baby.

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