Corona Virus 2020- History Repeats Itself after Every Hundred Years


Pandemic 2020 could be a new thing for you but, let us tell you that this pandemic is not new (at least not in world history). Yes, you heard it right.


By the way, this doesn’t mean that coronavirus is a matter of every year. No, this virus could be new but the toll of deaths and this frustrating situation of the entire world is not new. Every hundred years, history repeats itself (in the most possible worst way).


Back in the year, 1720 was effected with cholera plague, in 1820 cholera made the life of people miserable and in 1920 this was Spanish flu which made the world ‘terrible’ place. And now, its coronavirus which not only physically but also, mentally impacting on the life of individuals. So, this gives a clear indication that history repeats after every hundred years.


For many of you, this information is not less than a surprise. But, don’t you all think it’s quite weird how after a hundred years, people have to experience the worst side of the world. And we can’t even do anything about it.


Till now, there are four pandemic diseases that have changed the world’s perspectives, lifestyles, and whatnot. The circumstances you are experiencing right now is something that your ancestors have experienced, many years ago.


Oh wait, there is still one thing which is quite weird. Guess what it is? It’s a fact associated with these pandemics and years of era. Let us reveal this fact too. Ok so, the thing is that history not only repeats itself after hundred years but, it repeats itself within the series of 18-20 or 18-22. Yes, you got it right.


By the way, would you all like to know that how history keeps spinning its perspectives and how it likely to occur in similar series of years? If yes, then hold on your exciting pulses and read below.


Plague occurred from 1720-22

The plague was an equally contagious disease. It was a kind of infectious fever that is usually caused by the bacteria, conveyed by the rodents into humans. Generally, it used to cause because of the bite of infected fleas. When you look at history, you get to know that this one disease caused the worst kind of pandemic and has engulfed many lives, all around the world.


The estimation showed that around millions of people got infected with this disease and millions lost their lives while fighting in between life and death. Another worse history connected with this disease is that it made more impact in France than in any other country in the world. Isn’t it’s sad to know that after every hundred years humans have to go through the worst phase and many have to fight for their life or to survive.


Cholera did hit hard in 1817

This one disease marks another ‘darkest phase’ of history. Although, for Cholera it was said that it occurred and started to infected people, almost three years before the post claimed. It began from Calcutta and also in Ganges Delta first. Not only had this, but the statistics also showed that due to this one disease, millions or maybe trillions of people lost their lives. Imagine losing your loved ones all of sudden (I am sure you all could understand and relate).


Do you know how cholera got transmitted to other people and what was the actual root cause of it? Well, this was the water through which this disease got spread. Yes, you read it right. It was a kind of contaminated water which consequent in spreading cholera and ended up taking many lives. Although, experts and other officials were completely unaware to find out the exact reason due to which this disease was being spread. But we all know that the case was exceptional because finding exactly which source of water is contaminated was a bit difficult. Anyways, when people found the pump through which the water was being spread, it was detached.


Spanish flu occurred from 1918-1919

You all might have heard about it and some of you may know it as ‘The Great Influenza’. This one occurred through an H1N1 virus specifically of avian origin (well, for some of you this would be news because all you people are busy in making requests of ‘do my homework’ instead of making efforts yourself. Of course, how you all could gain knowledge). And oh, there is one more news, that is, experts failed to find that exactly from where this virus emerged. But, all we know about this virus is that it got spread and impacted 1918-1919. The estimations showed that around one-third population of the world got severely infected due to this virus.


By the way, just because it is named as Spanish Flu doesn’t mean that it was originated from Spain. No, please don’t take it in that way. The only reason this pandemic was named as Spanish flu is that the time it occurred was the period of World War I and it was only Spain which showed its death toll honestly. So yes, it was more a reward of being honest.

Coronavirus- existing pandemic 

Ok, so here we could add more of our experiences because we all are witnessing the worst time. We all know that this one virus occurred in the year 2019 and none of us have any idea that when we are going to get rid of it. And yes, of course, we all know that it is the invisible virus which is putting the lives of people on the verge of risk. Not thousands but, all around the world there are millions of cases of people that are being infected due to coronavirus. I think in this one, we all are in the same boat. Struggling to maintain balance in our lives and working best to keep ourselves protected and secured.


All we could say is, don’t lose hope and hope for the best. Because we all are going through the worst phase. All we need to do is, stay united and strong.


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