Clutter-Free Toys

Choosing Clutter-Free Toys for Kids 

With kids, at home, you always have too many toys spread around the home. You organize everything hundred times a day and still, everything is on the floor, sofa, chair doesn’t even matter whether you work or are a stay at home parent, if you have kids at home- a lot of things keep on pilling up. When we look at our home, we can find baskets overflowing with toys and our feet painfully discover Lego blocks.

No matter how much we clutter there is always something left behind. Clutter usually starts small but if we leave it unattended for a long time, it will eventually become a stressful task.

Everyone wants to have a clean home, hereby the word clean, I mean neat and clutter-free home. Here are some tips I follow while selecting clutter-free toys for kids.

  1. Less is more 

Everyone wants a simpler life but we keep on purchasing almost everything. It is important to say “no” to ourselves while buying something, especially for kids. Our habit has a great influence on our kids too. 

Always look for the toys which your child is interested in, don’t buy just because you are getting it for a good price or you might use it in future. Re-evaluate the reasons what makes our kids happy, avoid childhood memories revolving around toys.  

  1. Limit the toys

This can be done by organizing the toys. Limit a child’s toy access, only share those toys with kids which they play with frequently and can take out themselves. 

You can also follow some small rotations of toys so that the kids can play with everything periodically.  

The best possible option is to invest in lesser toys and ensure your child plays with all the toys which they have frequently. Encourage them to appreciate what they have. This will add a positive impact on the long run. 

  1. Always buy low clutter toys

When it comes to kids toys, always be choosy what to buy. Before buying a toy for your child always ask the question to yourself “Will your child love this?” and “for how long”, “does this toy allows my child to be creative?

There are some toys like Legos, wooden blocks which can be repurposed and kids can use them creatively.  Moreover, these toys can be used for long duration and you don’t need to worry about buying more toys frequently. The kids can use it as per their need and also create something creative as well. 

  1. Durability

Always while buying a toy, check for the durability especially the quality of the means you will be spending a bigger amount initially but when it comes to quality it is better not to compromise.  

In short, invest in a toy which calls for less maintenance. Invest in wooden and quality toys which don’t break or need heavy maintenance. Also, avoid investing in toys which needs a heavy battery or other attachments. opt for a durable option which can be used in the long run.  

  1. Consumable Toys

Invest in good consumable options like sketch pens, paints, slime, stickers and even board books. These are some of the best options which can be utilized to the fullest and kids also do enjoy playing with them. 

In addition to it, you can also create your own toy using parts of an old toy, all you need is to encourage your child to be creative.  

In addition to it, you can use the boards of old toys and create something out of it. This was the clutter is less and the kids can enjoy more. 

At last keep everything organized. This is a very important thing which we need to tell our kids.  Everything has a place to make sure your child put the toy in their respective place. This will reduce a lot of work as it is also a great way to motivate your child to be well organized. 

Moreover, it is the best habit which you should teach them as a child.  Let the child understand quantity does not matter, it is about how they enjoy their toys. 

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