Brand awareness – The right way to high product knowledge

Brand awareness is responsible for the ability of the target audience to know or remember the brand of the company at the time of making the choice or immediately before purchasing the product. Product knowledge means the share of the audience who is familiar with the company’s product and can identify the brand within the product category.

Brand awareness effects product competitiveness and long-term growth opportunities. In the article, we will consider the main methods of research, evaluation and increase brand awareness of the company.

What type of knowledge is more important for the product to be remembered?

Product recognition or the ability to recall a company’s brand, which is more important? A definite answer does not exist, but it can be determined quite simply. It is enough to understand when and in what situation the consumer decides to buy a brand.

If the target audience of your product decides to buy a brand from the list of available alternatives, then the goal of the advertising campaign should be the recognition of the product. For example, a consumer directly decides “What to buy?” by looking at a shelf in a store. Or, selects “Which beer to order?” based on a specific list in the menu.

If the target audience makes a purchase decision at the time of need, far from the place of purchase and does not see the elements of the brand, the goal of the advertising campaign is the ability to remember the brand. For example, at the time of the onset of a cold, a consumer begins to recall brands that can eliminate it. Or at the time of the desire to go to a restaurant, the consumer goes through the names of institutions that he remembers.

Ways to build product knowledge

High brand awareness and memorability of the company and its website is achieved through the promotion of goods on the market. Product promotion provides consumer contact with company products. The more targeted contacts with the product, the higher the quality of this contact and the faster brand awareness increases.

To build knowledge, it is necessary to use all available opportunities, including direct advertising and trade marketing campaigns, the quality of the display of goods and, of course, the packaging of the product. If you own an online store and want positive online presence and brand recognition, considering a Wikipedia page about your services is worthwhile. Getting into Wikipedia will let your brand, business or services listed on the very first page of search engines since Wikipedia always appears on the first page on search engines like Google.

However, if you do not know how to create such a page on Wikipedia, concerning any Wikipedia page creator is worth considering.

Here is some simple working sequence of actions to form and increase brand awareness in the market. Each stage of the model described below is a separate product advertising campaign. To go through a separate stage, several identical advertising campaigns will be required.

  • Attract the attention of the target audience, arouse interest.
  • Build a strong link between the product and the product category in which the product is purged.
  • Build an associative relationship with the desired images and create the desired product image.
  • Constantly strengthen knowledge of the key competitive advantage of the product.

Performing all the steps sequentially, you can increase the brand awareness of the company in the market and consolidate the achieved knowledge for a long time.

Is it really that important?

Does a company really need a high level of product knowledge in the market? Yes, it is necessary. A high level of brand awareness provides the advantage of choice over products with lower knowledge. The higher the knowledge of the product on the market, the higher the likelihood that the consumer will remember the brand at the time of making the purchase decision.


Brand recognition includes the logo, font, colour scheme, slogan, advertising strategy and impression of the brand. It is important to know who you are, what values ​​your company has, and how they differ from the rest. In the 21st century, technology helps to conduct business, interact with the audience, promote the product and increase brand awareness. With market research tracking online user activity, it’s easy to respond to inquiries from your audience and adjust your marketing strategy.

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