Best Reasons to Visit Melbourne Once In Your Lifetime

Ranked as the most livable city for six consecutive years and known as the “cultural and sporting capital” of Australia, Melbourne as a city is as diverse as its multicultural heritage. Be it hosting numerous international festivals to the world’s prestigious sporting events, the city has a lot more to offer for every age group. Still, if you are not convinced to get your tickets booked to Melbourne, let’s have a look at some other reasons that will convince you to visit the city at least once in your lifetime.

  • Visit One of the Most Livable Cities

As per the latest statistics, Melbourne is the second-most livable city in the world and the most livable in Australia. The city has developed a modern and integrated system of public transport options, has plenty of jobs in offer, relatively low crime rates. At the same time, it also offerscultural and art scene. The prestigious Economist Intelligence Unit’s Livability Index granted the title of the world’s most livable city to Melbourne.

  • Visit the Highly Instagrammable Shopping Centre

Yes, you heard it right! People who love to be active on social media platforms can make the most of their time by visiting some of the biggest shopping centre in the city. Melbourne Central Shopping Centre not only offers you with plenty of opportunities to wave a credit card (in terms of restaurants and shops) but has got a history to marvel. It is available in the form of Coop’s Shot Tower, which a statuesque former bullet factory and now encased in domes glass window at 84m height.

The Melbourne Central Shopping Centre also boasts some of the biggest and leading lifestyle brands in the world. If you are crazy about the tattoos, then you must visit the best tattoo parlours in Melbourne to fulfill your dream of getting a unique tattoo studio.

  • Explore the Cultural Capital of Australia

The creativity, lover of the arts, and eccentricity of Melbourne,is universally popular. If you want to explore and absorb the cultural essence of Melbourne, you must visit the NationalGallery of Victoria, Australian Centre for Moving Image, and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. The great thing is that the city is the home to some of the best underground arts movement like zine fairs, record stores, artist collectives, swing dancing clubs, and the list goes on.

  • Adapt to Latest Fashion Trends

As Melbourne is said to have a diverse culture where people from different parts of the world come and live, the city has become a hub for incredible and latest fashion trends. Not only in terms of clothing, but people here also follow other fashion trends. One such example is the eyebrow cosmetic tattoo in Melbourne. Although it is popular all across the world, but the city has got some of the best experts, and they make design with the highest quality of workmanship.

Hope the reasons were convincingenough for you to visit Melbourne. You can share your queries and suggestions with us below in the comment section to make the post more informative and useful for the readers.

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