If you are looking for the best Project Free TV alternatives, then you are at the right place. The news of Project Free TV being taken out of search engines was a big shock for the website audience as it was one of the easiest ways of watching HD movies and TV shows for free.

We are presenting you with the best Project Free TV Alternatives that are definitely worth checking out if you are looking for the same streaming experience as with the Project Free TV. Let’s briefly review the best Project Free TV alternatives that you can find out there.     

  • Putlockers 

Putlockers have been in the business for quite some time now and over the years, it has managed to create a huge base of users.

Putlockers has a huge collection of HD movies and TV shows that they keep updating regularly. You can watch your favourite TV shows in HD quality here, for absolutely free.

Although there are some complaints about excessive ads still, it is one of the most convenient Videos streaming websites out there.      

  • TVDuck

The developers of TVDuck has tried their best to make this website as convenient as possible for the users.

This website has an extremely interactive user interface that allows you to easily navigate through each section of the website.

The best thing about this website is it doesn’t require you to signup or create an account. You can simply just visit the website and watch your favourite movies and TV Shows for free. 

  • GoProjectFreeTV

This website is probably made to replicate the feel and functionality of the original project free tv website.

Project Free TV was a trusted source of entertainment content for many users and this app intends to promote the same level of trust and performance.

The UI of this website is pretty great and along with the huge collection of movies and tv shows that are made available here, this website is quite simply your best choice for a Project Free TV alternative.      

  • Movie4u

Movie4u has the finest user interface of all the Project Free Tv alternatives that we’ve seen so far. This website has made special changes to make the process of searching for your favourite movie, easy for you.

You can find the most popular and trending shows in their respective categories or you can go on and look for your favourite TV show in an old-fashioned way in alphabetical order.       

  • YMovies

YMovies is another amazing solution for Project Free TV alternative. This website has a simple to navigate user interface which makes it easy for you to look for your favourite movies and tv shows.

Although you might need an ad blocker for this website because users have complained that there are quite a lot of ads and popups which affect the streaming quality.

Still, this website is a pretty decent solution for free, HD Movies & TV shows streaming websites. 

Visit these websites right now and enjoy your favourite Movies and TV shows for free.     


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