BBA Colleges in India A Way to Address Economic Challenges

Come admission season and universities and colleges in get inundated with applications for various courses. Among these courses, BBA has emerged as one of the preferred choice of students.  Every year, BBA colleges in Bhopal and several other Indian cities receive numerous submissions for admission into this course. There are several reasons why candidates find BBA a lucrative academic as well as a career option to enter the world of business and corporate management. Read this article further to know why you should choose BBA programmes if you wish to be a corporate leader in future.

1. Opportunity to Acquire Professional Skills Early On  

BBA programmes help you learn management skills right when you take the first step towards a bright career. It introduces you to the world of management and equips with the right knowledge and skill to make business decisions like a leader. In today’s era, when so many youngsters are choosing to be entrepreneurs, BBA programmes impart skills like strategic thinking, market differentiation, making workable marketing plans etc., to plan different aspects of running a business.

2. 3-Year Programme to Learn 360 Degree Approach to Management

 The three-year undergraduate management programme covers all the basic management theories expansively. Subjects taught range from accounting principles, business economics, finance and marketing management, to business law, spoken and written English skills, and computer fundamentals among others. Overall, a holistic approach is taken to teach management to students.

3. An Industry-fit Programme for Entry-level Positions

Pursuing a degree from the best bba colleges in Bhopal is a boon for students who would like to start working right after graduation.  The course curriculum teaches the skills in demand and makes students industry-fit for mass managerial openings in entry-level jobs. Cost estimator, Operations Manager, Loss prevention manager, Supply chain Manager, Sale manager, Security officer etc are some of the positions BBA graduates are hired for. Many companies consider MBA degree holders overqualified for these jobs; hence BBA graduates are given preference.

An additional advantage here is that financially constraint students get the chance to work for a while, get adequate industry experience, and become financially stable enough to afford the fees of an MBA degree, which is comparatively higher in any reputed management college. Besides, BBA is better when seen from the perspective of return of investment (ROI). While MBAs spend five years after their class 12 exams, it takes only three year for BBAs to enter the job market.

4. Develops a Management Focused Approach from the Very Beginning:

 BBA programme helps cultivate a management focused approach from the very beginning of a student’s career. Thus, when one decides to do an MBA later, he or she does not need to unlearn many things which otherwise are required for students who take MBA after completing graduation in other streams. BBA freshers are much more well-prepared to excel in an MBA as compared to other graduates.

5. Work experience makes practical application of theories easier

BBA programmes enable you to join the corporate world and start gaining experience at a young age. This industry experience and insight comes in handy when you start an MBA programme. Understanding and application of management theories that you learn during MBA becomes a tad bit easier for a BBA graduate.

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