Bathtub Refinishing-Bring A Life To Your Bathroom In No Time

A few days ago, I was taking a bath and my bathing shower broke. I called the shower fixer company to send a technician to fix my shower. He came to fix my shower, and suddenly, he dropped the hammer and a huge crack appeared on my bathtub. This was another problem. Rather than fixing my shower it left a crack. I was very angry and worried at the same because I did not enough money to buy a new bathtub. I shared my problem with my wife and she suggested me contact a refinishing company. It is always cheaper than buying a new one.

I contacted Bathtub pro bathrooms renovation and remodelingcompany to fix all the issues. I called them and a technician was outside my house right after 20 minutes. ‘’The first impression is the last impression’’, and they proved it by all means. The technicians were well equipped with all the necessary items required to perform bathtub refinishing. They pay attention to your privacy and try to facilitate me in every aspect. Additionally, they avoided over spraying to minimize the mess. For this purpose, they fixed ventilation fans.

I would appreciate the efforts of bathtub reglazing and refinishing services in Toronto because they provide top-class solutions at affordable rates. Moreover, it takes less time to fix all damages and results are easily measurable. I did not want to change the design and color scheme of the bathtub because I had to change the rest of the scheme as well. The contractor came and thoroughly analyzed the site where restoration has to be done. Prior to doing the refinishing of the bathtub, the contractors masked off the tiles, shower curtains, taps, walls, drainage fitting, cabinets, pipes, and other hardware to avoid any damage.

There were grease spots and adamant marks that look very dirty. They cleaned it with non-hazardous chemical material. After this step, they started to roughen the surface to adhere to the final coat. If the surface is not roughened, the durability of the primer or final coat decreases. They used the etching method with the help of strong acids to remove the previous coating. This is also known as the sanding stage. Removing dust particles or debris generated during this procedure was removed with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

The bathtub reglazing and refinishing services in Toronto filled the deepened crack with putty that it became a smooth surface. The sealant filled the chips and cracks. With the help of an air-brush machine, they started applying primer. Several layers of primer were applied over which enamel was coated. These layers were left to dry completely before use.

The Bathtub Pro bathrooms renovation and remodeling company has restored natural glaze and filled the crack with professional assistance. Even no one could judge where the crack was. Now, the cleaning has become very easy and it looks aesthetically voguish. For any type of refinishing services, I recommend Bathtub pro because they are reliable and trustworthy.

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