6 Reasons Why Men Should Use Hair Serum

Hair care trends come and go, but using a hair serum is among those which are here to stay. When used after shampoo and conditioner and before styling your hair, hair serum offers multiple benefits. Further, these are neither sticky like hair oils nor loaded with chemicals like other hair care products such as gels and mousses. Light when applied, hair serum for men is a perfect choice for keeping your hair nourished in several ways. Let’s take a look.

Bye Bye to Frizz and Fly-aways 

Even men have those bad hair days due to frizz. Men with curly hair, or dry hair texture, or those who live in humid areas are more prone to getting that semi-electrocuted look which is really a dampener. Applying hair serum helps tame frizz significantly by coating each strand of your hair so that the cuticles stays smooth.

Makes your Hair Shine

Dull hair may be a result of dehydration, being out in the pollution for too long or poor nutrition. While these issues need time and effort at your end, there are days when you want an instant solution to add shine to your hair. Here’s where a hair serum comes to your rescue. These are formulated using ceramides, amino acids, and silicon and this silicon content covers your hair with a hydrophobic coating which reflects light, thus making your mane look lustrous.

Softens Dry Hair

Dry hair, especially split at ends and brittle hair get quite rough. Men who get a hair-cut at least once a month have lesser or no split ends. But, those with longer hair face this issue of bristly and knotted hair more often. Your hair should not feel like jute strands strewn together. Nobody wants to run their hands through that! Spreading some all over your hair serum can help bring life back to the strands, making them softer and detangled. 

Suits Better to Those with Hair-fall and Dandruff

Apart from dull and lifeless hair, hair fall and hair thinning are two major issues faced by men. While there are many anti-hairfall and hair growth oil available in the market, men with oily and dandruff-ridden hair may face more problems by using these. Oily hair products lead to more build-up on the scalp, which may aggravate issues like hair fall and dandruff. In such cases, hair serum is a god’s gift as it nourishes hair without making them greasy and helps prevent hairfall.

Protection against Humidity

Does your hair go into a flurry the moment you step outside on humid days? Well! Changing the weather on any given day or your hair type is not doable; but it is possible to use a hair serum that changes the way your hair responds to environmental elements like heat and humidity by locking moisture in each strand.

Repairs Damage

Factors like genetics, environment, lifestyle, health condition, daily wear and tear etc may result in damaged hair. On top of that, using hair color or hair wax may sometimes be too harsh on your hair, leaving them dry and damaged. Hair serums have additional nourishing ingredients such as coconut milk, moringa, gooseberry, fenugreek etc which help hair regain their lost sheen, thickness, and texture. To obtain best results, it is important that a good quality parabens sulphates-free hair serum is used.

How you use hair serum also plays a vital role in whether you are going to get the desired effect. Follow the tips below to ensure that you are applying the hair serum the right way. After all, what is the point of investing money in a product if it is not used properly! So, here you go.

  1. Use a mild shampoo and wash your hair thoroughly. 
  2. Condition your hair using a conditioner that suits your hair type. 
  3. Take a coin-size amount of hair serum or 4-6 drops if you have really short hair.
  4. Apply the serum on damp (not wet) hair. 
  5. Make sure that the serum is spread well on hair strands from top to bottom.
  6. Do not apply the serum on scalp, unless mentioned otherwise.
  7. Comb your hair 2-3 minutes after applying the serum, let it get absorbed first.
  8. Do not wear a helmet or a cap immediately after applying a hair serum.

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