6 Different Types of Cleanroom Tables & Its Uses

  1. Introduction – 

There are many good companies that offer stainless steel worktables for cleanroom, labs, commercial food services, and health care, etc. Some of the best cleanroom tables comprise of the features such as heavy-gauge steel construction and also comprises of heavy-duty marine edge design. The cleanroom tables are available in electro-polished brush finished, 430, 304, or 316, stainless steel, solid, perforated tabletop designs it comes with optional under shelf, rear upturn or back plash and casters.

There are many different types of cleanroom tables that have some or the other purpose in health care or food services etc.

  1. Types of Cleanroom Tables – 

Solid Top Cleanroom Worktable 

This cleanroom table comes with a heavy-duty 14 gauge type 304 all stainless steel construction solid top. The ideal one for the cleanroom is the electro-polished solid-top stainless steel tables that provide an ultra-clean, smooth, and easy-to-clean work surface. They can be ordered with an H-Frame or C-Frame base. Apart from that perforated top and custom size is also available in cleanroom tables.

Perforated Top Cleanroom worktables

These cleanroom tables are also an amazing one as it comes with a surface that is perforated. It is perforated with ¾” holes and on 1” centers which allow the laminar airflow which is up to 25%. It is constructed from 14 gauges 304 Brushed or electro-polished stainless steel that can be ordered with an H-Frame or C-Frame base.

Cleanroom Workbenches

There are many companies that offer a large section of class 100 ISO 5 cleanroom tables to follow the controlled environment. Cleanroom table workbenches are available in 24″to 36″ wide. Apart from that, the cleanroom laminate or ESD laminate work surface is available with a manual or electrical hydraulic table lift. You can also customize your cleanroom table workbench with several ranges of accessories which comprises of the following –

adjustable shelves & under desk drawers

Overhead LED lights & LCD monitor + keyboard holders etc.

It is available in the width of 24″ to 36″. It comes in several color frames and laminate is available.  Worksurface Available in Cleanroom Laminate or ESD Laminate. A wide range of worktable accessories is also available.

There are many companies that offer a huge selection of class 100 ISO 5 cleanroom table benches which will also comply with your environment which is controlled.  A wide range of accessories are available to add to your workbench such as Casters, Upright, Adjustable shelves, under desk drawers, LED overhead lights, and Bin box rails.

Enclosed Stainless Steel WorkTables-Flat Top

The cleanroom table also comprises of a stainless steel enclosed base work table. And the best part is that it is available with your choice of open front, stainless steel sliding doors. You can also call it as stainless steel hinged doors. Constructed from a heavy-duty 14 gauge 304 stainless steel, these enclosed base work tables are constructed. Tops are polished to a satin finish and are sound deadened to reduce noise in your laboratory.

Industrial & Laboratory Stainless Steel Tables

The next type of cleanroom table comprises of stainless steel tables which are perfect for labs, commercial kitchens, industrial and healthcare faculties. One of the best parts is that the tables are made in the USA and manufactured to endure almost any environment. It is specially constructed from 16 gauge 304 or 430 stainless steel to provide a long-lasting work table.  It is available in different types of sizes with or without under-shelves.

Laboratory Workbench 

There are many companies that proudly offer a cleanroom table and one such is the lab workbench table. These tables are available in 3 different models. From which you can easily select from standard Kennedy Design, Hydraulic Lift Design and Modular Workbench Design. The laboratory workbench cleanroom table is made from heavy-duty stainless steel providing a durable workbench for laboratory use. It is available in Complete Set, Standard, and ESD.

See the Change by Using the Cleanroom Tables –

Now; that you know about the different types of cleanroom tables. You can choose from any one mentioned above in this guide. These tables are good for uses in different fields such as laboratory work, industrial work, and scientific work, kitchen work, health care, and hospitals, etc. These tables are very durable and are also hygienic. Plus it is also very easy to clean these tables. It can be de-contaminated easily. You can also comfortably use it in a controlled environment while experimenting or others. The uses and its advantages are already mentioned you can go through it and choose whichever one you like.

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