6 Basic Steps to Learn Tarot Card Reading



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Many people are attracted to Tarot, but at the same time discouraged by its “complexity”. However, over time, they will find that these cards are not enough for them, they will start looking for more depth, more statements and better advice from their interpretations, and they will reach for the tarot again.

And the search in books, on the Internet, begins again, and the search for the correct meaning of this and that tarot card and its combination begins again.

  1. Make it simple

It is useless to spend hours searching for the correct meanings of tarot cards. There are so many of them that if you want to learn them all, you will have a nice goulash in your head. There are so many systems, so many tarot card reader in Ludhiana, and it is difficult to find out which author is right and which is not.
So, promise yourself that you will make it easy this time.

Stick to simple meanings and simple techniques. It is a well-known saying that there is power in simplicity.

  1. Exchange the Celtic Cross for simple decompositions with three cards

Almost every book on the tarot contains instructions on how to interpret the Celtic Cross. It is a very useful interpretation, but at least initially forget about it. It is not suitable for a person who starts with Tarot.
Instead, use interpretations consisting of one, two, or three cards.

Very quickly you will be surprised how many tips, insights or messages you can get from just one card.

  1. Tune in to your intuition

Everyone has it. It is our basic gift that we all really have, without distinction. Someone just uses it and someone doesn’t.

Of course, it’s easy to say, it’s worse! For beginners, it’s often really a struggle. Believe it.
My advice? Put the books away and simply take the energy of the card you draw. It doesn’t matter now what is written about her. Just put on your feelings. These are the most important for you, your interpretations and your clients.

  1. Find help

After all, it can be difficult for someone to work with a tarot and learn on their own. Find a friend, a friend with whom you will share your knowledge.

  1. Learn the basic systems

One of the easiest and fastest ways to learn tarot is to learn the basic systems that are the basis of the card.

For example, if you learn the symbolism of the numbers 1-10 of the small arcana, if you learn the elements / elements of the colors of the tarot, you will get a sufficient idea of ​​the meaning of the 40 cards of the small arcana

  1. Find out what Tarot means to you

One of the most valuable things an Astrologer Ludhiana can do is answer the question of what the tarot means to him.

By thinking about the answer to this question, you will get your own idea of ​​how and what you want to use the tarot for.

Your answer will be perfectly fine, someone wants to have a tarot as a mentor, someone to divine the future, someone to coach, someone to get to know themselves, someone just for fun, someone to impress the people around them.

Everything is right. The main thing is to make yourself clear. What does a tarot mean to you?

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