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5 Things To Know About GravitasMD EMR Software


GravitasMD EHR is a well-known software that offers Electronic Health Records and Practice Management Solutions. It was established to improve the quality of care/health and increase the efficiency of medical practices. Since the beginning, it has worked towards this motive and has proven to be very successful. GravitasMD EHR software offers excellent features and solutions to almost all the problems faced by doctors. 

Let’s move on to the top 5 features/services that GravitasMD EMR Software offers and find out more about them. 

GravitasMD EHR Features

GravitasMD EMR has so much to offer to its users. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into our top 5 features. 

  1. Patient Portal 

  2. Claims processing 

  3. Reporting

  4. Scheduling 

  5. Dashboards and Charting 

1. Patient Portal

To understand why we think this feature is one of its best features, we need to know why having a good patient portal is important. Communication is so important in the medical field. Perfect communication is needed between the patient and doctor for things to improve. GravitasMD patient portal makes sure that communication is improved and information is shared easily. 

The Patient Portal has all the information of the patient that is required by the doctor for him to treat him in the best way possible. GravitasMD EMR has this feature dedicated to the information of patients. Their medical history, Genetic problems, their treatments, their diagnosis, and all related information is saved in this portal. Whenever a doctor sees his patient, he can easily look up for his name on the EHR software and can get access to all the previous information. This helps in a more accurate treatment plan, a better understanding of the patient’s condition, and faster decision making. If you are looking for a nice EHR Software which has a good Patient portal, then we would recommend you GravitasMD without a doubt. 

2. Claims Processing

We all know how hectic and boring billing and Claims processing can be. Just like us, GravitasMD EMR also realizes that processing claims and doing billing manually can get boring and eventually lead to errors. That is why GravitasMD EMR has provided us with a great solution. 

GravitasMD has developed a Practice Management software that can easily be integrated with your EHR Software. The software allows your staff to easily review claims and process them electronically. In the end, they can easily be reconciled. The benefit of this process being done electronically is that the chance of errors is eliminated, the process is done way faster, accuracy increases, and efficiency increases. If anybody is looking for a Practice management software with all the right features that can easily integrate with an EHR software, GravitasMD is the one for them. 

3. Reporting

Reporting is so important in every field whether it is a marketing field, medical field, engineering, or any field. These days almost all EHR Software are offering this feature but only a few software are currently offering a reporting feature with all the right tools. GravitasMD EMR understands that many reports need to be created regularly and also understands that creating these reports manually can be super frustrating as a lot of data needs to be checked. 

GravitasMD EHR offers access to a full suite of customizable reports that increase your understanding of what is going on in your practice. You can easily manage your reports, data, information with the help of this feature. Customizing reports is simple and easy. You get a hang of it very quickly. For smart reporting tools, GravitasMD EMR is the best choice. 

4. Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling, Appointment Reminders, Appointment cancellation, etc all tasks need to be done with a lot of care. Why do these tasks require a lot of attention? Because they can help improve efficiency and streamline the workflow if they are done right. If the appointments are scheduled electronically, this means that it will be a lot easier to manage. Once the appointment is scheduled, the software automatically sends out reminders to the patients. This way they are reminded and rarely miss their appointment. In case of cancellations, a chance is given to other patients. This way efficiency is highly improved because no time is wasted. GravitasMD has integrated software that takes care of all of these tasks. A lot of ease is created for the staff members with the help of this feature. 

5. Dashboard and Charting

GravitasMD EMR Dashboard helps you understand the system better and make it simple for you. All the information you require and all the features you need are right in front of you with the help of GravitasMD Dashboard. Like any other EHR feature, Charting is also an important feature and GravitasMD EHR offers straightforward charting that makes it so easy to capture patient encounters. 

GravitasMD EMR also offers many other outstanding features apart from the ones we have mentioned above. The software offers Electronic prescriptions, Lab orders, Patients alerts, coding, Automated intake forms, and so many other useful features. According to GravitasMD EMR reviews, GravitasMD EMR is among the best EHR Software. 


GravitasMD EMR is great software and worth your investments. If you want a better understanding of this software, you can book a GravitasMD EMR demo. 

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