5 Things to Do at Delhi Airport

Have you by chance waited in the airport due to delay of flight? It is really tired and boring. But yes, you can make your wait more excited by doing some pleasurable things. Indira Gandhi International Airport is the most popular airport in Asia which is well known for various brands of handbags, clothing, food etc.,

Here are the top 5 funny things that you can do in Delhi Airport:

  1. Revit in Spa:

Nothing is more important at the end of the day. So, just relax and free from the hustle-bustle life with spa. Spa treatments just give you a break from the busy life. There are 2 spas located at Terminal 1 D known as Earth Spa and T3 Domestic called O2 spa. You can even relax at the departure which provides the fusion of Indian and Thai concepts. Just forget all your worries and feel relaxed.

  1. Enjoying Shopping:

If you are a shopaholic, stuckking at Delhi Airport will never make you feel bored. Shop at the convenient stores and purchase books, cosmetics, souvenirs, perfumes, travel needs and many more. Many branded stores like Metro, Armani, Zodiac, COVO, UCB, Satya Paul, Gini & Jony, Fabindia, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. There are also best collection of magazines, books, snacks, travel accessories and stationery supplies available.

  1. Sleep at Sleeping Pod:

It is really difficult to fall asleep with the bustle of activities going around in airports. If you feel like taking a nap there are places for you. Sam Snooze at My Space is the best place for you to fall asleep. The prices will be according to the single and double occupancy ranging from 500 to 700. The pod will provide you with all the comforts that one get in a luxurious hotel. It is located at the T3 international departure. Plan your trip to Delhi and you can also travel through Palace on Wheels luxury train.

  1. Give time for Pending Work:

The work-life these days will be hectic. Just use this free time to brush up your presentation or finishing your pending works. Wi-Fi is not a big deal at the airport. You can register with your mobile number and you are good to go.

  1. Visit Air Force Museum:

If you want more fun in your free time then obviously the Air Force Museum is the best choice for you. There you can have a look at the historical aircraft used by the IAF. The major attraction in this museum is the laser-guided bomb which is located at the entry gate. Among this exhibitions are Folland Gnats who shot several Canadian variants of the F-86 Sabers in service with the Pakistan Air Force during the war of 1965, the Hawker Hunters who played an important part in the famous battle of Longewala during the 1971 war (immortalized by the hit movie, Border), and the MiG-21 infamous, often called flying coffins for the crash history.

  1. Relax in the Lounge:

Lounges are the best ways to relax in airports. Delhi Airport consists of 5 lounges which provide high comfort, convenience and best service for its passengers. For Air India Bussiness Class travellers there will be Air India Maharaja Lounge and Amex Club Card members there will be Amex Premium Lounge. Plaza premium, ITC Lounge and Allways are the few other lounges available in the airport which will provide nap rooms, showers and many dining options.

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