5 Things to Consider while Choosing Running Shoes

Running shoes are mainly designed for protecting feet and providing traction on various surfaces. Each runner is unique for their different style of running experiences. The running shoes help in comfortable running and protect their feet from injuries. Here, we will focus on the 5 things to consider while choosing running shoes from the market.


The most important key factor while choosing a running shoe is the best fit. The upper fitting or the last fitting is relatively important for the best fitting running shoe. If a running shoe is too big, it will allow the foot to slide in the trainer, then the risk of blistering on the feet will increase. Simultaneously a trainer that is too small will add squeezing force on foot and increases the risk of bone injury. So, it is better to get the best running shoes with an accurate fit.


The running shoes in India should provide ample cushioning to absorb collision. The running shoe industry constantly innovates new shoes to provide more comfort on feet and toe along with comfortable running experience. The running shoe absorbs the biomechanics of running style along with body weight. The material of the running shoe should be flexible to absorb these features. A cushioned shoe helps to absorb shocks for the feet.

Motion Control:

A running shoe is well engineered by the industry with portable design features. The shoes are lightweight to provide more comfort and reduce mechanical running forces. Runners’ foot position is a part of the injury risk factor. Runners need to assess their foot response at the time of running. Accordingly, they choose the best running shoes for them to give better motion control. The designing of new innovative shoes gives support on limbs, feet, ankles. The running shoe helps to provide the best grip with the ground and enhances running ability.

Heel Height:

The heel height refers to the “drop” and “pitch” with the range from 0-14mm for any trainer. Hence, the ankle joint’s stiffness is more relevant for the trainer with a high heel drop. Lack of ankle joint movement towards the upper direction causes an injury risk factor. The industry of running shoes considering the problems and innovates new medical shoes for these kinds of patients. So, heel height should be considered while purchasing a running shoe.


In a running shoe, the outsole is an important factor for the trainers. It gives extra support to the feet for better movement of feet, toe, and ankle. The mechanics of foot movement helps to accelerate trainers’ speed. The outsole is differently made for different kinds of trainers like gym trainers, ground runners, medical trainers, athletics, etc. Each of the trainers has a different running ability, along with experiences. Therefore, you need to consider the outsole to get the best running experience.

Good pair of running shoes gives more stability at running and reduces body stress and joint pains. It provides durability, flexibility, and support for trainers’ feet and improvises the best running mechanism. So, go through these 5 things to consider while choosing running shoes.

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